Computer exhibition

Alternative Party 2008 Proudly Presents

The Great Exhibition of the Classic Computers

  • See the astounding graphics of classic Amigas and Ataris in 3D!
  • Hear the amazing sounds of Commodore 64 in stereo!
  • Play offline multiplayer games with live opponents!
  • Show your offspring how much better the computers were in the good old days!

The computer exhibition brings together the classic computers and game consoles from the 80s. But this is no museum, most systems are actually available for use, be it playing, programming, watching demos or anything else, you can do it here.

If you think you have seen it all, we have some less common systems aswell, such as the Vectrex (the only home computing device ever made, that has a vector monitor), an Atari Lynx developer kit and many others. If you have something exotic, you can bring it to the exhibition aswell.

Sounds good but you need to watch after the kids? No problem, bring them along. Tickets include two children under 12 years for free.

Please contribute to the exhibition!

Exhibition areas


Success of Commodore 64 continued in form of Amiga range. The first model, Amiga 1000, had exceptional features, such as 4 channel stereo sound and colorful graphics with up to 4096 colors at once. And all that with a multitasking graphical operating system. Still, it wasn't untill cheaper Amiga 500 in 1987 that it became really popular.

We have Amiga 500, Amiga 1200, CDTV, CD32, Pegasos 2 and more!

Arcade games

Nowadays but a shadow of their former selves, coin-operated arcade games introduced digital entertainment to an entire generation. Pelikonepeijoonit present a selection of the finest coin-operated entertainment - yours to play, for free!

Ardites Alternative

Ardites logo

Experience how artistic and software talent can be turned into successful business! Ardites is pioneer in developing cutting edge software solutions for future multimedia –, graphics- and server solutions in mobile applications. What we do today can be seen in mobile products in three to five years. Our success is based on exceptionally talented people and our commitment to develop a supportive and rewarding company culture.

Come and meet us at the Ardites stand and witness the tecnology demos featuring cutting edge technology from our software and hardware partners! Above all we would like to tell you more what we are doing and how we are doing – to see if we share with you the same passion for outstanding achievements in combining software development skills with artistic inspiration and creativeness.

Commodore 8bit

First Commodore 8bit systems were introduced during the 70's, but it wasn't before Vic-20 and C64 that they became really popular, almost everyone had one. Exceptional graphics and sound along with affordable price turned out to be the killer combination. For competition

We have Vic-20, Commodore 64, Commodore 128D along with newer hardware releases, such as Prophet64 and MMC Replay.


Some people like only games. While there are great computer games, there have always been games consoles, which are designed with only one thing in mind: Games.

We have NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, Nintendo64, Sega Dreamcast and Playstation 2.


(Details will be announced soon.)

Macintosh of the Past by fiMUG ry

Beige and Platinum boxen from 80s. Software and peripherals. See HyperCard in action, use the local AppleTalk network for game playing.


MSX was a 8-bit home computer architecture standard led by Microsoft. As practically anyone could start manufacturing MSX hardware, there are lots of different systems by different manufacturers, which are mostly compatible with each other. Later there were enhanced versions, such as MSX2, MSX2+ and MSXturboR.

We have One Chip MSX, SVI-728, Philips 8280, Panasonic A1WX and MSX tR A1GT.

Nebula Stage

Nebula Stage(Details will be announced soon.)


Everyone knows PC nowadays, but back in the 80's they were far from popular, thanks to their price. Slowly but surely their popularity became higher and higher (even for gamers), and eventually exceeded others.

We have Schneider 8088 EuroPC, 286, 486 and newer models.


Unix systems have been mostly invisible to mere mortals. They have existed for a long time, but not many have seen them. But during recent years, Unix-like operating systems have gained more and more popularity among normal users, mostly in the forms of Linux and MacOS X.


The Arctic Computer and Console Museum Pelikonepeijoonit, almost as old as Alternative Party itself, will be displaying some gems from its collection of nearly 300 computers and game consoles. The focus is on obscure systems and bizarre games.

Voxel Amiga

Voxel Amiga Shop logoBuy your Amigas and your Amiga extensions at the Voxel Amiga shop - located at Alternative Party Computer Exhibition!