Alternative Demo Competition
The best demo competition on earth with absolute no restrictions on platform, method or content. The purpose of this competition is nothing less than create revolutions within the demoscene. » Read more
Dynamic Demos
Why be static when you can be dynamic? The demo must be noticeably different every time it is run, e.g. by using live content from the Internet. » Read more
FogScreen Interactive Demo Competition
The world's first demo competition with demos that you can walk trough. Create an interactive demo. » Read more Material Challenge
Make the greatest revolution in news publishing since Gutenberg. Show what news can be when viewed with a demoscene point of view.  » Read more
1 Channel Tracker Music Competition Race against your imagination. Can you create music with only one audio channel? » Read more Oldschool Game Development Competition
Create a single- or multiplayer game for a platform that was available before 1992. » Read more
Technology Video Competition
The theme is "Technology". You define the rest. Create a short film by shooting live video or render computer animation. » Read more
CSS Graphics Competition
Creating stunning graphics with CSS and HTML only - techniques not commonly associated with the creation of visuals. No images, no javascript, no flash! » Read more
Name Voting Competition
Do you think that only the name counts? This competition reveals what is the optimal name to be succesful in demoscene, at work and in your love life! » Read more
Contraption Competition
In true Victorian spirit, this is your chance to present your inventions, gadgets and contraptions to the world. Be the next Nikola Tesla. » Read more
Romantic graphics competition
Go back to the romantic period and create stunning graphics with a sensibile touch and with a respect for a new, wilder, untrammeled and "pure" nature. » Read more
Most Obscure Computer Competition
The owner of the rarest, mostobscure or otherwise special computer will be awarded by the jury. » Read more