Friday, 24th October

Main stage Other
17:00 Doors open
MindCandy demoshow
Cool demos played from the MindCandy DVD
Exhibition areas open for Friday
18:00 Valuemotive Bar: Welcome, Brad!
Hosted by EFFI, this is an informal chat session with our special guest, Brad Templeton.
19:00 FogScreen presentation
What is FogScreen and why is it cool? This little presentation gives you answers and also some eyecandy.
19:20 Demoshow: Demos with Balls
The balls are back! Provoking and stomping demos on the screen.
20:00 Opening ceremony
The marvels of the past - and the future - meet on the stage as Alternative Party 2008 is officially opened.
Deadline for FogScreen demo competition
20:30 Valuemotive Bar: "Tulin katsomaan bändiä, päädyin nörttifestareille! Mistä on oikein kyse?"
Introduction to demoscene by Grendel/Byterapers
21:00 FogScreen demo competition
Computer demos mixed with fog and a human element
22:00 UX live
After a period of silence, UX are back with old and new hits and beats
23:00 Front 242 live
The Belgian masters of EBM blow the stage with sharp-cut soundstages and visual effects
00:15 demoshow
After Front 242, some of the best demos from previous years will be shown on the big screen.
01:00 DJ Proteus
Selected industrial and other tracks mixed together just as Proteus likes them
02:00 DJ Pasik
Goa trance, anyone? An oldschool trip to decades of trance

Saturday, 25th October

Main stage Other
09:00 Exhibition areas open for Saturday
10:00 Exhibition area: Iron Sky moonbase is open
11:00 Koelse table: Electronics workshop
Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura with Tuomo Tammenpää host a circuit-bending workshop. Let's bomb the party with some obscure sounds!
12:00 Radio amateur presentation
A hobby? A technology? Something from the past or from the present? You'll know soon enough.
Computer exhibition: iPod as MSX tape recorder
Alexey Podrezov talks about his interesting solution for MSX, with practical demos
12:30 Valuemotive Bar: Visuaalinen suunnittelu (finnish) Workshop visuaalisen suunnittelun perusteista. Workshopissa käsitellään suunnittelun vaiheita yleistajuisesti ja tehdään ryhmätyönä visuaalista konseptointia annettuun aiheeseen. Ryhmätyöt liikkuvat steampunkin rajoilla.
13:00 Charles Babbage presentation
Jussi Nikander's presentation about the number 1 computer designer of the 19th century
Computer exhibition: Guided tour
14:00 Biomedical research gfx presentation
Ville "MoonQ" Rantanen tells about opportunities and challenges in biomedical research
Koelse table: Electronics workshop
Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura with Tuomo Tammenpää host a circuit-bending workshop. Continued creativity with electricity.
Art exhibition: Guided tour
14:30 Costume contest
Steamy steampunk or dignified Victorian-era appeal? A jury decides which is better.
15:00 Panel discussion: Politics in aDigital World
Three influential figures discuss matters that shake our world.
Valuemotive Bar: Kun dinosaurukset ja demot kävelivät yhtä aikaa maan päällä
Grendel/Byterapers tells about the beginnings of demoscene (in Finnish)
Computer exhibition: Retro gamedev presentations
Presentations of all the games taking part in the Retro game development competition
16:00 Deadline for all competitions

Codento Architect Challenge 2008
Who's the toughest coder? Codento's epic challenge will find the ace.
Valuemotive bar: Animata
Try the real-time animation software Animata and create your own animated world!
Nebula stage: Gaming competition
More details very soon.
17:00 CSS Graphics competition
HTML and CSS should be enough for everybody. At least in this competition.
17:30 Romantic era graphics competition
A traditional graphics competition with a romantic twist.
17:50 Name voting competition
There are no entries in this competitin - just names of the entries.
18:00 Desert Planet feat. Koelse live
Desert Planet combine their interstellar forces with Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura for this early evening bitpunk assault!
20:00 1 Channel music competition
One sound channel only is a challenge but also a test of your skills.
Nebula stage: Hakenkreutzierungmachine workshop 19-21.
21:00 Technology video competition
Your view into technology on the big screen.
21:XX Brad Templeton's special guest session
An expert of many fields, Mr. Templeton fills this slot with memories, realities and a bit of the future.
22:00 FogScreen demo competition - moved from Friday

22:30 Contraption competition
Your chance to be the greatest inventor of all.

23:00 Front 242 presentation
Guys from Front 242 tell about their motivations, works and maybe even answer questions.
Yläkerta / Upstreat: Bilekuosi competition
23:30 Dynamic demo competition
Alternative demo competition

The crown jewel of competitions: the art of programming in the form of demos
01:00 Kosmoplovci live
Our friends from Serbia present an unexpected show of their work.
02:00 DJ Malakai
A blasting combination of European and Japanese sounds - industrial, 8-bit...
03:00 DJ Thomas
A dancable techno/trance set with retro influences

Sunday, 26th October

Main stage Other
09:00 Exhibition areas open for Sunday
11:00 Fast Typing competition
Are you the fastest typer on a brand new Logitech keyboard? Wake yourself up with some rapid tappity-tap.
12:00 Voting deadline
12:00 Kosmoplovci demo show
While waiting for the end ceremony, you can enjoy demos and videos by Kosmoplovci
13:00 Prize & end ceremony
The number ones (and twos and threes) are finally revealed.
15:00 Doors close