Workshops and presentations


The Alternative Party is not a one-way channel. Workshops are interactive sessions where you can learn and contribute and maybe even create something by yourself. Often no specific skills required to participate.

The list of workshops is not yet finished so stay tuned. You are also invited to propose workshops to the event, such as art workshops and technological workshops.


Circuit bending workshop

Hosted by Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura and Tuomo Tammenpää, you have the chance to learn from abusers and benders of circuits. Koelse and Tammenpää have a lot of experience of both modifying existing equipment and generating sound, noise and even music out of things that you would not expect to be used for this purpose

Brad Templeton's special guest session

On Saturday evening, our special guest will discuss several interesting and important questions. More information about the topics later. Read more about Brad Templeton

Front 242 & Art

In this presentation Front 242's guys tell about their views on art, music videos and describe their ambitions and also how they do their thing. Read more about Front 242


Biomedical research graphics programming

In his presentation, Ville Rantanen's will describe his work and the bioimaging in general. The use of computer graphics in biomedical research is an interesting approach to the visuals we see in demos and games - the need of powerful visualisations is the same.

Animata - real-time background projections

Animata is a real-time animation software, designed to create interactive background projections for concerts, theatre and dance performances, and promotional screenings. The peculiarity of the software is that the animation - the movement of the puppets, the changes of the background - is generated in real-time, making continuous interaction possible. This ability also permits that physical sensors, cameras or other environmental variables can be attached to the animation of characters, creating a cartoon reacting to its environment. The software can be connected with many pieces of external software in order to make use of the possibilities of these applications in the
fields of image processing, sound analysis, or motion capture. These applications can analyse for instance sound input, or user movement, and this data could drive animations reacting to these environmental changes in real-time.

Bio: The development of Animata was started in the Kitchen Budapest Media Lab by Peter Nemeth, Gabor Papp and Bence Samu in 2007. Based on their broad range of common interests including generative graphics, microelectronics, and electronic arts they decided to create an open source tool for animators, new media artists and vj's that can be used for interactive installations as well as live performances.



Design the most important prop to the Iron Sky movie: the Hakenkreutzierungmachine! What is it? How does it look like? How does it work?

Speed up your steampunk brains to full speed - the greatest Finnish movie needs your help!

Saturday 25.10. at 19-21 at Nebula Stage, organised by the Energia team.

Herzlich willkommen!