On-site services


Food services

You won't be walking around hungry at Alternative Party! We provide you with:

  • Kotipizza available 24h/day.
  • Paella available 24h/day.

Café Soihtu

In Soihtu Cafe: Pearls, wonders and oddities from the distant frontiers of the empire! Delightful spoils from the opium wars! Colourful barbarian customs! Including:

  • A fortune teller, a trubadour, and a couple of crazy tea masters and baristas
  • Tea treasures and ceremonies: precious fresh teas from the 2008 harvests in China, Japan and Taiwan. Aged teas(!) from the 60's onward.
  • Espresso: in search of perfection, from the Cafe with a 15-step instruction manual for extracting a single cup of quality coffee.
  • The art of tea: 10 short lectures on tea, ranging from the mundane tea types and qualities to the lunatic fringes: studying how the flow of water during immersion affects the taste of tea through rigid scientific testing.

The tea and coffee lovers' paradise is open 24 hours/day during the whole party. A wide sortiment available: speciality coffees, more tea flavors than you probably know, soft drinks, cakes, sandwitches, salads, and much more. We recommend also the original Café Soihtu in Töölö - open around the year.

Valuemotive Bar

In co-operation with Valuemotive, Alternative Party proudly presents the ultimate party refreshment center on earth: a full bar service inside the party place! The bar is located on the second floor with a view on the party place. Celebrate until early morning enjoying demo competitions, music gigs, lively discussions and the unique feeling of Alternative Party 2008! Cheers! :)

Foto-Atelieri Onyxei Haapala

Foto-Atelieri Onyxei Haapala manufactures photographs combining old traditions with the latest technological achievements! The Atelieri is specialised in portraiture and printing out images as cabinet cards. Foto-Atelieri Onyxei Haapala's every guest is a star, so come as you are, we are here for You. You will receive your portrait in digital format and, if You so wish, You can purchase an authentic cabinet card made of Your photo. Read more!



Other services

  • ALT-Mart - buy yourself some exiting Alt stuff.
  • Info answers all your questions and sometimes generates even more. :)
  • Showers available.
  • Sleeping areas available.
  • Cloakroom.