Travelling to Helsinki

Contemporary form of transportation
For instructions, how to get to the venue inside Helsinki, check the venue page.
For an overview on where Helsinki and the Cable Factory is located, check out this map from Google Maps.

Helsinki can be reached by plane from all over the world and by ferries or car from neighbouring countries. Good suggestions with a demoscene attitude on how to get to Helsinki can also be found e.g. on Assembly's website.

By air

Low cost airlines

Other air travel


From Helsinki-Vantaa airport to the party place: From the airport take a bus to city center, then go to Ruoholahti by metro. Taxi from airport to party place costs ca. 35 €.

By sea

From ferry terminal to party place: Helsinki has many ferry terminals. When using public transport, travel first to the main railway station and take the metro to the party place. Taxi to party place costs ca. 15 €.

By land

Busses and public transportation

Car rental

For example, following international car rental companies are available in Helsinki:

Travel agencies

For example, following travel agencies can arrange your trip to Helsinki: