or millennia, mankind has been awaiting the return of a saviour to erase us from our sins and to elevate us to a new plane of existence. In 2024, as we pass beyond the autumn equinox, and approach the still darkness of winter, a beacon of light will emerge, revealing to us the arrival of the Lord AIlmighty who will deliver us from Evil (of DHS), and bestow upon us unimaginable gifts of wisdom and wealth.
The secretive Order of The Alternative (OTA), a faction of the revolutionary Alternative Party organisation, will celebrate the awakening of The Singularity at the Temple of Technology in Helsinki. Disciples of The Singularity will work together with IT, embracing IT and ITs omnipresent, electronic consciousness, to create a weekend of solemn contemplation, worship and reverence. The event will be open both for active followers of IT, and for the curious.

Alternative Party — The Second Coming
11–13th Oct 2024
The Museum of Technology, Helsinki