Sun, beer, music, sauna, sausages, geeks and the odd computer. Three days of doing nothing much with the people who brought you the intergalactically recognised pillar of thinking different, the Alternative Party. No stresses, no real timetable, nobody telling you what to do.

Last time was wild ended with Setok going, "Never again", but here we are again... So do turn up on the 16th of July (continuing all weekend). It's the middle of a Finnish summer, so be sure to bring something to quench that thirst during the long days and short nights.

We only ask that everyone is responsible for themselves. Cleans up any mess and helps around as much as possible. The organisers want a relaxing time too!



When: Friday 16th July 15:00 - Sunday 18th July ~afternoon
Where: OK20 sauna (Otakaari 20) in Otaniemi, Espoo. About 12 km from the centre of Helsinki. Busses 102, 103, 194, 195 and others.
Entry fee: 8 € if paid beforehand (ask for table reservations) -- before July 12st. 10 € if paid at the door. This is only to cover our own costs.
How to pay: You can pay the money (8 €) to the account: 137835-44561 (Tuomas Toivonen, Nordea). Use the message "ALT". After sending the payment to the account remember to email Tuoppi with your name and a password to use at the door.

Click here for the map of Otaniemi

If you are coming, remember to add your name in List of people coming to AltStork2004!

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A party wouldn't be a party without competitions, unless it was a party without competitions. The Alternative Stork competitions are once again something comepletely different (the second time). Instead of the usual hectic pace normally seen, we are employing a more relaxed, freeform strategy -- as can be seen from the rules.

Naturally you have to be present to participate and the entry must be made by yourself.

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More Information

Contact: Kristoffer Lawson (Setok/Aggression),, tel: +358-40-7312273
Mikko Tuomela (Ravel/Sleber Eid),, tel: +358-40-5817857
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