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Welcome to Alternative Party, a digital culture festival and demoparty with alternative ideas and full programme with demo compos, music, special guests and exhibitions.

Participate now: Join us at #altparty @ IRCnet or follow us on Twitter and send tweets with #altparty hastag.


Tallberginkatu 1 C 15, 00180 Helsinki

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At Alternative Party you don't need to be just a passive visitor when there is so much to do! You can learn new neat things in our high quality workshops, or just drop by for a different experience from the rest of the party program. 

J-P Metsävainio: A look into the art of 3D-photographing

Despite his amateur status, J-P Metsävainio is a distinguished astrophotographer who holds a 3D photography workshop at Alternative Party in addition to his guest speech on Saturday.

3D photographs are an important technique in astrophotography to better illustrate the shapes and properties of astronomical objects. The techniques in that area have been largely developed by hobbyists such as J-P, and although the techniques aren't exactly trade secrets, public demonstrations are still somewhat rare.

This is your chance to get an overview of the fascinating area of 3D-photography and learn first-hand from one of its best practitioners how the magic is made. 3D-glasses are provided to the audience at the workshops.

The workshop will take place at the small stage on early Saturday afternoon, at 14.00 o'clock.

Helsinki Hacklab workshop

Hacklab logo

Hacklab is an organization for do-it-yourself enthusiasts, tinkerers, and hackers. They offer a working space and community environment for people to work on a variety of technical projects, ranging from electronics to heavier build or assembly jobs.

At Alternative Party, the Hacklab crew holds a hands-on workshop that focuses on the beginner-friendly yet very extendable Arduino microcontroller board. You'll learn some programming tricks for the Arduino board and get first-hand experience how it can interact with other electronics components. Previous soldering experience is not required.

Workshop times:

  • Saturday 12:00 - 14:00
  • Sunday 10:00 - 11:00 (or up to 12:00 if needed)

Muroradio workshop


MuroRadio is a small internet radio that was "born" in Muropaketti's BBS in year 2009. It is made "for nerds, by nerds" with a crew of 12 active volunteers who run the radio. They broadcast live shows with a geeky touch mostly during weekend evenings.

In accordance with Muroradio's recent activity spike, they are also broadcasting plenty of live program and organizing radio workshops at the Alternative Party as they bring their show right to our doorstep. In their workshop you'll get an overview of Muroradio's history and an 'under-the-hood' view at their technical setup (hardware and streaming). And if you dare, you'll get a chance to participate in a live radio show.

So, do you want to know more on how to launch a real radio station in the internet age? At Muroradio, you can meet semi-amateurs and hobbyists who have made radio successfully for one year and can now show you how it is done.

The Muroradio people will pick up the workshop group from the info desk at the designated times, or you can also go directly to their stand.

Workshop times:

  • Friday 19:00
  • Saturday 15:00 and 19:00
  • Sunday 11:00 and 13:30

The URSA planetarium shows

The URSA Astronomical Association bring some interstellar expertise and their mobile planetarium to the Alternative Party. The planetarium shows take you on a journey where you can experience the constellations and stars like they would appear on a clear night sky in different parts of the world. Stop by to relax, stop by to learn, or stop by to free your body and mind for a small while.

The planetarium shows will take place on:

  • Friday at 19.00
  • Saturday at 11.00 and 14.00
  • Sunday at 9.30, 10.30 and 12.30

Glittermouse's art workshop

A visual artist Glittermouse explores techniques and borderlines between digital and traditional drawing. She works across the weekend, starting with blank sheets and encouraging audience members to participate, ending the weekend with 2 completed drawings/projector installation. Join the workshops to leave your markings to the work and exhibition.

Place: The workshop will take place at the art exhibition area.

Workshop times:

  • Saturday at 10-12
  • Saturday at 18-20
  • Sunday at 10-12

Inka ancient technology & astronauts

Tawa workshop by Pedro Inkari and his group will include the following topics:

  • Inka ancient technology & astronauts
  • Inka cosmic knowledge
  • Inka ancient computers
  • Inka sound technology

Place: The workshop will take place on the small stage

Workshop times:

  • Friday 19-20
  • Saturday 15-16