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Welcome to Alternative Party, a digital culture festival and demoparty with alternative ideas and full programme with demo compos, music, special guests and exhibitions.

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This year's Space themed Alternative Party is proud to introduce a number of interesting guests and groups with presentations, speeches, workshops and more.


Casey Pugh

Former Vimeo developer, start-up legend and general tech enthusiast Casey Pugh would be an interesting character in his own right, but he's even more of a hot commodity now due to his recent project as a producer of Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced remake of Star Wars IV: A New Hope where the original movie is cut into 15 second clips, each of them refilmed in wildly varying styles by movie fans and other volunteers. The project won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media in August, and more recently the Participative Media first prize in Turku2011 Digital Media & Art Grand Prix, due to which we have the pleasure to welcome Casey in Finland and in Alternative Party as he arrives to receive the Turku2011 prize.

In his keynote presentation, you'll have the opportunity to hear a first-hand account on what it takes to develop a winner in the ruthless internet start-up world and see chosen scenes from Star Wars Uncut along with Casey's insights about the hot topic of video distribution over internet in general. He is joined on stage by his brother Bryan Pugh, who did the sound design and mastering for the movie.

J-P Metsävainio

J-P Metsävainio is a Finnish astro photographer who's works have been published by NASA, National Geographics, Sky & Telescope, Universe Today and other high quality publications. Metsävainio enjoys to be able to reveal even a small part of the hidden beauty of our Universe. Astronomical photographing is a mixture of technique, art and science and J-P tells that it's difficult enough to keep him interested.

You can check his blog at

Sini Merikallio

Sini Merikallio is a Mars researcher and will talk us about the reasent developement in Space Technology. She is involved with several high end technological projects and will take us to the planets and beyond. There are several of interesting projects she's part of, including the first finnish Mars-lander.

Sonja Kangas

Sonja is a digital games enthusiast, game researcher & developer, game reviewer for and columnist for Pelaaja Magazine. She is a lead coordinator of IGDA Finland (International Game Developers Association) and Head of Experimental Game Lab af Paf. She is also an independent researcher of digital media, games and youth at the Finnish Youth Research Network.

Web page:

Tiina Malin

An Innocent peek to the world of gamig took Milsa along in the early 2000, nowadays i work as a community manager and a games developers.

Tiina Malin and Sonja Kangas will have a dialogue about technology and women in high tech industries. These women will discuss about modern geek-women in the male dominated business. Topics include: Women in the gaming industry. Does your sex matter in high tech industries? What are the differences between boys and girls "geek culture"?

Vesa Heilala

Vesa is a system designer who decided to make his childhood dream come true. Among other aspirated astronauts, has he reserved a place on SpaceShipTwo. Although the ship made its first crewed flight on 15th of July, his venture into space should take a place in year 2012. The journey itself consists of the flight part, but also the exciting waiting part with opportunity to offer other people chance to follow stages of unique venture.

Vesa's homepage (in Finnish):

Markku Reunanen

Markku "Marq" Reunanen got involved with the Finnish demo scene in 1991, when he and a couple of friends founded Fit, a PC demo group. During the demo years he has participated in various scene activities on numerous platforms (MS-DOS, Linux, Mac, MSX, Amiga etc.), mostly as as a coder. In 2004 he started "Demoscene Research", an attempt to bring together all the existing scientific publications about the scene, together with Antti Silvast. During the working hours Markku can be found at Aalto University School of Art and Design, where he works as the lecturer of interactive visualisation.

Markku's personal homepage:

Demoscene presentation

During its history of about 25 years the demoscene has produced hundreds of thousands of different productions and involved vast amount of people all around the world. Largely due to its underground nature the subculture has escaped mainstream attention, save rare mentions in newspapers or websites. A couple of popular books, such as the well-known Freax, do exist, and some digital culture researchers have written demo-related articles, but all in all the history of the scene remains largely uncharted.

This presentation is based on a study that started already in 2004 and was finalised in 2010. A broad overview of the subculture we know as the scene was compiled, based on disk magazines, newsgroup discussions, community websites, text files, 117 demos from 1985-2009, and existing research literature. The study revealed an active community that has always reflected and reacted to contemporary developments of technology and popular culture. Representative images and demos from now and then will be shown to give the audience a glimpse of how and why things have evolved.

For more info see Demoscene Research:

SceneSat Radio

SceneSat Radio - The place that connects the many musical aspects of the scene to the rest of the world. The SceneSat Radio will be broadcasting live at Alternative Party 2010.

The station consists of a bunch of people with some sort of background in the demoscene, who loves it and all that comes with it. The goal is to play the best music from every corner of the scene and related stuff like game remixes, game soundtracks, demotracks, netlabels, music competition entries and so on and also to make more people aware of the massive amount of musical talent that exists within the scene. Computer music is NOT just bleeps and noise. It is just as good as commercial music and in some cases even better. SceneSat is here to prove it. Just tune in and have a listen for yourself.

SceneSat and Alternative Party respects and loves people who make music because they love it. You can hear that it is music made with soul.