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Welcome to Alternative Party, a digital culture festival and demoparty with alternative ideas and full programme with demo compos, music, special guests and exhibitions.

Participate now: Join us at #altparty @ IRCnet or follow us on Twitter and send tweets with #altparty hastag.


Tallberginkatu 1 C 15, 00180 Helsinki

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The Demoscene Documentary has been changing and growing during it's way from sketch to a real documentary, or actually documentary series as it finally came out. The last episode is now ready for you to enjoy
Some unofficial video footage from Alternative Party 2010 has been released by Felice / Low Res Magazine
The compo results and download links for the entries are now available at
Local media recommends the Alternative Party as one of this week's hotspots in Helsinki area for a variety of audiences.
Share your photos with everyone by uploading them to Flickr and adding the altparty:event=2010 tag.
Here's a short guide to how to submit your entry to PMS (Party Management System)
You can follow the party on radio as SceneSat will broadcast shows on FM 103,1. Bandwidth is provided by Radio Hami.
The Alternative Party 2010 audio challenge results are in and the winners chosen from a bunch of good entries. Four weeks ago we asked: "How would space sound?" Now we have an answer.
Welcome to the Vernissage Art Exhibiton opening tomorrow at 6pm. The exhibition is open for whole weekend.
Alternative Party welcomes former Vimeo developer and start-up veteran Casey Pugh as this year's special guest and keynote speaker.
Computer places are sold out but please, still join us at the party.
Technology Exhibition info is now published at the Exhibition page.
Space Dinner tickets are available until 18th of October! Only few days to go so if you want to join, remember to act now.
Do you enjoy good food, wine and inspiring discussions? Begin your party weekend with a three course dinner with friends and special guests! We warmly welcome you to join us for a three course special dinner on Friday 22nd October at 18 at the Cable Factory, restaurant HimaSali. The dinner is also a great networking experience.
This year's ALT invitation intro is now released!
Please find the shedule from More info and additions are to be announced soon, stay tuned. Please find more information about the programme from the competition, music, exhibition, guests and social programme sites. Also check out our ALT Space Camp wiki at and bring your own presentations and topics for all to enjoy.
Alternative Party’s art exhibition will be open throughout the weekend of 22-24.10.201. So if you feel like enjoying mind blowing space themed digital art, you can head to Cable Factory any time, day and night during the Alternative Party. Alternative Party joins forces with Cartes Flux 2010 to provide a great line-up of Finnish and international digital artists including Atelier Hauert Reichmunth & Volker Böhm, Albert & Kristina Laine, Glittermouse, FixC co-operative and Janne Pulkkila.
The premiere of the Demoscene Documentary with all 7 episodes will be at the Alternative Party 2010 on Friday 22nd October. The Show starts at the Alternative Party Club area, Symbio Space Bar after the opening ceremony and the estimated time of start is 21.05 on Friday.
In case you have never published a demo, now is a great time for that!
We will have Cartes Flux screening at Alternative Party on Saturday 23dr October. Read more from the exhibition site.
The chairman of Alternative Party ry tells about the different productions and events association is organizing. This is also an interview telling what and why Alternative Party ry. is doing and trying to achieve.
Sir Garbage Truck talking about SceneSat, demoscene, musicians with and without scene back ground, music styles in scene etc. Great interview done at the Demowall Helsinki 2010. Tune in the podcast!
Dear ICT professionals! Join us for the sharp networking events and relaxed party at Alternative Party 2010. You can buy your VIP Wing Commander + dinner tickets from
Alternative Party ry will arrange a short introduction to (Finnish) demoscene at Parlament house on Monday 20th September at 10 AM on FIF 2010 event. Watch the stream broadcast to see what demo we will show in this very limited time.
Our music team has selected you the Alternative Party 2010 play list which helps you to get to the mood already and gives a bite of the upcoming music programme. It is at Spotify. Enjoy
How would space sound? Alternative Party needs your audio design skills. Design a theme song for Alternative Party 2010. The contest is hold in association with AudioDraft. The song should convey the space theme of the event and take listeners on a journey of space exploration. Whether this musical voyage goes far beyond our galaxy or stops right here on planet Earth is totally up to you.
Do you enjoy good food, wine and inspiring discussions? Begin your party weekend with a three course dinner with friends and special guests! We warmly welcome you to join us for a three course special dinner on Friday 22nd October at 18 at the Cable Factory, restaurant HimaSali. The dinner is also a great networking experience. The menu, the wines and the space program has been carefully selected by the Alternative Party's gourmet team to create an extraordinary evening.
Plenty of other renowned artists also confirmed for Alternative Party, plus a worldwide premiere of the piece De Rerum Natura.
As the final Early Bird priced day has seen a lot of sales it now seems we will sell out all the computer places reserved for this years event map. There is only 40 of them left so if you want your own, you should act now.
Lovely Soihtu, great woks by Hima & Sali and places to dance, discuss and sleep - what else would you want? There are several on-site services for your maximum party comfort, including food available 24h/day, ALT Space Shop, Info, Showers and the Cloakroom.
You can enjoy the amazing early bird ticket rates until Sunday 5th September.
The Demowall World Tour by ALT Continues. Demowall Helsinki 2010 - 2nd of September at 9 pm, Lasipalatsi.
An Assembly TV programme called "Story Behind. ALT - the Most Original Entry" gives you a great background information about the Most Original Entry prize, it's history and meaning. See Ravel and Setok giving you a reasons behind the Most Original Entry prize.
There's still time to send your submissions to the Art Exhibition! Call for Arts has been extended to 1st September 2010.
Alternative Party will arrange own competition for the firs timers!
Press accreditation for this year’s AlternativeParty is now open! If you would like to attend the event as a journalist, please fill in the accreditation form online.
The legendary Finnish electronic music veteran Aavikko is going to make us dance at the Alternative Party this year! Aavikko brings their retrofuturistic stage show, perhaps even with a hint of space, to us on Friday evening at the main stage.
The Demoscene Documentary's first published episode is now at YouTube with English subtitles. Rest of the episodes will have their premier at Alternative Party 2010. Link at the actual news text.
Setok and others arranged an extempore Least Modified Computer Compo at Assembly Demoscene area on Saturday. Winner was Pate with TI calculator that had only been used 10 times & contrast not adjusted.
Today at 18, Assembly Art&Tech seminars: "Demoscene Documentary - Never Forget" seminar session. On the stage are Thomas Puha, Visy-Valtteri Pimiä and Arttu Silvast.
Live studio programme of Demoscene Documentary at Assembly TV today and a "Demoscene Documentary - Never Forget" seminar session at Assembly Art&Tech seminars on Saturday at 18.
Tickets for Alternative Party 2010 are now on sale. Check out the ticket site. Space-themed weekend of digital culture, demos, music and art with great guests in a relaxed atmosphere awaits.
Since November will play their first live gig of space music from the upcoming record "Star Walkers". The demo song "Houston, Changing Manual" has already got a plenty of playing time and been played on the radio on all continents.
Most of the 2010 Compos are now out. Few more are still to come. See it all at
Alternative Party 2010 is now looking for a few new faces to make it all happen. In case you are interested to join us, just fill in the form.
The teaser for the Demoscene Documentary produced by YLE together with demoscene is out. Go to see it at Demoscene Documentary site
Alternative Party invites artists and collectors to offer their art, technology and workshops to the art and technology exhibition at the Alternative Party 2010. The exhibition is in two parts this year: Arts and Technology.
The Alternative Party 2010 website is now live! This year we will be examining visions for space travel and space technology of the past, the present and the future. Both in the practical challenges, as well as through dreams and artistic expression.