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Demoscene present in Finnish Internet Forum 2010

2010-09-20 13:22 by Suvi Alanko (0 comments)

Once upon a time.....

Yrjö LänsipuroYrjö Länsipuro: The Internet - then and now
Yrjö Länsipuro, Member of the Board of the Finnish chapter of the Internet Society - an introduction to the topic.

... at the center of Helsinki, in a great great hall, there were a great big people... and also some demoscene guys. These demoscene people got an opportunity to show what scene is, and they did and people were dancing and smiling and all was good. Degnate Thrush from ICANN   

Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of ICANN’s Board of Directors having a presentation. Audience watching the demo.

It was interesting - they had just few minutes and the time was designated between Mr. Yrjö Länsipuro, who told to the great people at the great hall what internet is and Mr. Peter Dengate Thrush from ICANN’s Board of Directors who came straight from Vilnius to tell about the governance of the internet.

People arriving to the auditorium at the beginning of the event.


Alternative Party Association got a great pleasure to introduce demoscene in Finnish Parliament at Finnish Internet Forum 2010. We definitely wanted to show a Finnish demo and something that could represent this whole form of media art to someone who have never before heard about the whole thing - after a discussion and lot of great ideas Setok and Visy decided to show "1995" by Kewlers & MFX at the event. Personally I think it was _the_ right choice.


Setok started The Alternative Party part by telling the idea of demos in extremely small nut shell managing to fit it all in 1 minutes amazing speech. After that Visy said few words about the demo and then the 1995 was shown. Also pommak and curly brace were there as we showed their piece to the high end audience. Thanks guys!!


There was a slight misjudgement at the beginning as Visy accidentally opened the video screen a bit too early. Also the video projector at the auditorium was certainly not designed for this kind of material. It was probably more of a beamer for slideshows, but all in all everything went well. A (minor) Part of the audience even seemed to dance a bit at their seats during the demo. We got positive responses in both, the social media and face to face.



We only got 5 minutes time for this all, in between the discussion of governance and internet world. Right after the show we got some Twitter comments about the show telling it was too short and more explanations and discussion was wished for. We would love to discuss more but are happy to have this much - I strongly feel that demos are a form of art which can be visually as great as animation or music videos but is often technically more demanding as demos are based to code and are running at real time.


This event was about internet governance and is held in Helsinki today and tomorrow. FIF 2010 is immediately after the 5th international IGF in Vilnius and it seemed there were a lot of participants from there in Helsinki as well. The event is hosted by Member of Finnish Parliament, Jyrki Kasvi who was figuring out what kind of cultural performance could suit to the beginning of an internet forum. He decided it would not be birch bark horns or violins but digital culture born in the actual environment they are discussing about at the event. (although demos are born already before the internet time - and it seems it is the internet and web which is the actual reason for governments to find it necessary to govern things)



You can watch rest of the forum from webcast in here:

There will probably be a some kind of recording of this later on at the same page.


Article in Digitoday (in Finnish)


1995 at YouTube and in Pouet

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