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Demo's available for kids: KIDtro is here!

2010-09-29 14:46 by Laura Lehtinen (1 comments)

Demo's available for kids: KIDtro is here!

At Alternative Party 2010 we are once again making history: For the first time ever in the history of demos we want sceners to make demoart for kids. We just love the idea! When you make art for kids, you have to think about your project in a whole new way. It can't be violent, it can't be too sexy or scary, it has to have imagination, beautiful graphics and a good idea... Wow, this is hard!

Kids are very honest with their opinions and they are also very impulsive. If you make a great music for your your demo kids may start dancing. If they don't understand the demo they start asking hard questions from their parents. They may try to hide it behind chairs if the demo is scary. Kids may also react by screaming, laughing or even crying. To be sure kids can tell their own opinions of the demos they can vote in their own way. Kids will have different colors of papers to represent different demos. After each demo they will take the paper to I like, I don't like or I'm not sure -baskets. These votes are then transferred to PMS where adults vote. Of course adults can vote these demos too.

The name KIDtro is a wordplay on words "kid" and "tro" (duh, obviously). This kind of demoscene product type naming has been used often seriously and somewhat less seriously when categorizing demoscene products: cracktro, dentro, birthtro, xmastro, bbstro and so on. Would make us really flattered to see someone define their demos as kidtros outside the compo :)

We hope to get many amazing demo's to KIDtro this year. Are you ready to take the challenge? If you want to know how to participate KIDtro, check out the rules!

We also hope that you bring your own kids, nephews, godchildren or even neighbours kids to see our fantastic Family Day!

For more info about Family Day in English, check out and in Finnish

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Comment by elina | 2010-09-30

hei, siistiä! :) Tuun ainakin katsomaan, toivottavasti sinne tulee demoja kans