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Check out a cool party reportage

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.

Special guests

At Alternative Party 2009, we have the distinct honour of having not one, but two profilic ladies as Special Guests. They will bring wisdom, technological wit and creativity which will only grow through interaction with party visitors.

Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson created the Acorn System One in 1978 and went on to co-design the BBC Microcomputer and implement BBC BASIC. She designed the instruction set for the Acorn Risc Machine (ARM) CPU in 1983. Later, ARM and its successors became the most popular processors in many kinds of low-power computer systems from Internet routers to music players, PDAs and mobile phones.

Sophie Wilson lives in Lode (Cambridge UK) and works for Broadcom in the DSL Business Unit. In her free time, she likes photography and reading all sorts of books - science fiction, fantasy and others - and drama. Photography and drama meet when she is called to do photography for stage shows.

Acorn 1

At Alternative Party, Sophie Wilson will tell about her early days at Acorn Computers and show ARM demos. Party visitors will have the chance to see the prototype for the Acorn System One, the very earliest of the Acorns. She will also participate in a separate discussion session about connections between science fiction and reality and tell how science fiction has inspired her.

Jeri Ellsworth

Jeri Ellsworth

Jeri Ellsworth is a self-taught computer chip designer. In 2004, she designed Commodore 30-in-1 Direct to TV - a C64 clone built into a joystick, capable of playing 30 famous C64 titles - and in theory expandable to a full Commodore 64 computer system. Jeri Ellsworth represents a hacker-type personality, one who wants to take things apart and see what's inside. Her wide scope of interests (pinball machines, dirt track racing, electronics, roller derby) are also a type of unlimited interest in things around us that Alternative Party is after.

If the cyberpunk world is ever going to become reality, it is people like Jeri who will make it happen. Self-taught chip engineers, working custom designs with no limits.

Jeri Ellsworth

Jeri is a fan of old computers and games, obviously. However, she does not only enjoy the games, she redesigns old hardware and has created many custom designs of old game machines. She is a known hardware hacker and a profilic figure among the fans of old computers. Still, not limiting herself to old computer hardware, with her work she promotes a genuine curiosity and hacker-type creativity into the world around her.

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