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Check out a cool party reportage

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.


The party schedule is still under progress. Lots of program is still missing and modifications are made on a daily basis. Stay tuned! Mobile schedule can be found at

Thursday, 22. October

Main stage Nebula Club Other
19:00 Hima&Sali: Alternative Party 2009 Warmup Club
Why wait until Friday when you can begin partying on Thursday? Music, friends, demoscene attitude and cyberpunk atmosphere. Free of charge. Everybody invited. Be there!

Friday, 23. October

Main stage Nebula Club Other
16:00 Cyberpunk Business Seminar
Buying eyeballs, designing your business and networking
17:00 Demos on big screen
A welcoming nice demo show
Exhibition opens
Experience the Art and technology exhibition!
18:00 Cyberpunk dinner
Opening speech by Setok. Demoscene show by cyrus.
Exhibition area: Shigeru Cinema Gaming: Tutorial sessions & free play
Psychosis: Bilekuosi game presentation
YLE Stand: Sample Corner
Experiment with old analogue sound technology.
18:30 Themepark 1984
Aleksanteri Kulvik's documentary of North Korea
20:10 Opening ceremony & MK10/FTHR Productions
Electronic Cabaree Dronescapes, soft glitchy-Tek, live photoshopping. Served with spices, with a hint of YLE.
21:05 Byproduct LIVE
Byproduct takes its roots from computer games and demos and combines them with the elements of contemporary electronic music.
22:00 Speed dating (with DJ Thomas)
Looking for meeting up with new people? Looking for the Mr/Mrs Right?
23:00 Dope Stars Inc. LIVE
Dark, but not hopeless. Brutalised, but nowhere near ready to give up the fight.
Deadhead (short film)
23:30 DJ Malakai
Not afraid of mixing together 8-bit sounds with crazy Japanese industrial, breakbeat and techno
01:00 Trio DStruction LIVE
Electronic music symphonies using only Nintendo DS and Korg DS-10 as instruments.
The Microkorgs LIVE
Synthesizer band consisting of four professionals of the music industry
02:00 Striptease competition

Saturday, 24. October

Main stage Nebula Club Other
09:00 Themed Video Competition deadline
10:00 Language course: Spanish
A fun and and effective two-hour dip into the Spanish language and culture
Exhibition opens
Experience the Art and technology exhibition!
Music Competitions deadline
ALL music competitions
Main stage / Exhibition area: Sarana
The intuitive, meditative and progressive ambient dimension.
11:00 Retro graphics competition deadline.
Café Soihtu: Alternative Party ry meeting
Welcome to discuss the future of Alternative Party!
Exhibition area: Ernest Truely - Virtual performance art workshop
A virtual perfromance art intervention in the social network site of Facebook.
12:00 Wreck-a-movie trailer show Sophie Wilson's scifi session
Discussion session about connections between science fiction and reality
Costume contest deadline.
Exhibition area: Shigeru Cinema Gaming: Knockout Tournament
Psychosis: The Lizard and the Snake
Meet the Central Bearded Dragon and Great Plains Rat Snake.
Cafe Stage: Man vs. Supercomputer Go Game
13:00 Timo Honkela: Cybernetic Intuition and Creativity (presentation)
How are computers developing into intuitive, creative and socially connected systems?
14:00 Cyberpunk costume contest YLE Workshop: Demoscene documentary
Welcome to discuss and decide how the demoscene should be documented!
Cafe Stage: Brain Pool
Tease your brain with new ideas! Brain pool begins.
Cafe Stage: The Future of Supercomputing
Olli-Pekka Lehto, CSC
14:30 Cafe Stage: Supercomputer presentation
Robert Suu, Cray Inc.
15:00 Themed video competition
The required theme is Alternative future
Psychosis: Lizards and Snakes as Pets
The Central Bearded Dragon eats. Meet the owner and discuss lizards and snakes.
Cafe Stage: Human-based data processing (HDP)
Connecting brains to form CPUs without electricity
YLE Stand: Sample Corner
Experiment with old analogue sound technology.
15:30 Cafe Stage: Freejam TV
When The Process is Open, a media project
16:00 Oldskool music competition
The music competition for true sceners with technical skills to abuse old hardware!
Wildest wild competition deadline.
Psychosis: Bilekuosi tournament
Cafe Stage: Mikromuseo
Tervetuloa vaalimaan mikrotietokonekulttuuria
16:30 Cafe Stage: Miten vapautua sorrosta kyborgin identiteetin kautta
Lyhyt oppimäärä naisille ja miehille
17:00 Retro graphics competition
Remember the Amiga days, when you only had a resolution of 320x200, with a maximum of 32 colours to use?
Dynamic demo competition deadline.
Supercomputer demo competition deadline.
17:30 Cafe Stage: Meaningful money
— how the web changes money. Kristoffer Lawson, Scred.
18:00 Nuskool music competition
High-tech, modern beats and melodies with superb sound quality!
Alternative demo competition deadline.
Cafe Stage: Digital media in a city
Towards the Capital of Culture 2011 - Turku.
18:30 Cafe Stage: Brainwave Music Demo
19:00 Sophie Wilson's special guest session
Sophie Wilson will tell about her early days at Acorn Computers and show ARM demos.
Realtime graphics competition deadline.
20:00 Cafe Stage: Man sexual toy-PusyDeLux
Jan Dvoracek
20:20 Realtime graphics competition
For an extra challenge, computers are not allowed in this contest!
21:00 Jeri Ellsworth's special guest session
A crazy session of hardware hacks
22:00 Wildest wild competition
You can enter with (almost) anything your heart desires!
DJ Pasik
Psychedelic sounds of Goa running strong and vibrant, combining both new and old sounds together
Psychosis: Fingerpainting
23:00 Supercomputer demo competition
Create a cool demo taking advantage of the amazing processing power
23:30 Dynamic demo competition
Demos that are different every time they are run
00:00 Alternative demo competition
Demos and intros of all sizes, whatever the platform, compete in the same competition
01:00 64mula LIVE
Pure C64 sounds as the basis, trusting in the power of this classic machine - no effects used
Healium LIVE
The 303's essential to acid-techno are still squeaking
02:00 Tero LIVE
This scene veteran's original C64 beats light up the night with lovely SID sounds
03:00 Ride Control DJs
You take the ride, but they're in control. Consider yourself warned.
04:00 Extra hour!
Alternative Party donates everybody an extra hour.

Sunday, 25. October

Main stage Nebula Club Other
10:00 Language course: Italian
A fun and and effective two-hour dip into the Italian language and culture
Exhibition opens
Experience the Art and technology exhibition!
Family Day
Bring your family!
Exhibition area: Computer junk workshop for kids
Psychosis: The Lizard and the Snake
Meet the Central Bearded Dragon and Great Plains Rat Snake.
11:00 demoshow
Impressive demos on the big screen, selected by
Exhibition area: Ernest Truely - Virtual performance art workshop
Continuation of Saturday's workshop session
Cafe Stage: Kokeellinen digitaalinen lastenkulttuuri & Pikku kakkonen goes open source
YLE Stand: Sample Corner
Experiment with old analogue sound technology.
12:00 Psychosis: Fingerpainting
Cafe Stage: CyberPet
15:00 End ceremony & prize giving
All good things must come to an end. With prizes. Sorry, delayed.
16:00 Cooldown VIP Sauna

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