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Check out a cool party reportage

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.



Welcome to the Alternative Party 2009 press page!

To attend the event you need to accredit beforehand. Please use this Accreditation form.

We will be happy to arrange possibility to interview our special guests, top artists and performers as well as the original creators of the event. Please inform your interest to so we can settle details.

Questions and interviews: please email Suvi Alanko (beeta) +358 40 5375 303

We will gladly answer to any questions or comments you may have.

Tervetuloa Alternative Party 2009 -mediasivuille!

Voidaksesi osallistua tapahtumaan sinun tulee akkreditoitua etukäteen. Akkreditointilomake suomeksi.

Järjestämme mielellämme haluamasi laisia mahdollisuuksia haastatella niin erilaisia huippuvieraitamme ja artisteja kuin tapahtuman taustalla olevia aitoja ja alkuperäisiä scenejärjestäjiäkin. Ole ystävällinen ja lähetä sähköpostia jotta voimme sopia yksityiskohdista.

Kysymykset ja haastattelupyynnöt: sähköpostitse Suvi Alanko (beeta) +358 40 5375 303

Mikäli sinulla on minkäänlaisia kysymyksiä, vastaamme mielellämme.

Press kit

This press kit contains press releases and pictures for media use. Please click on the picture you would like to use to get the high resolution version.

All the releases and pictures can be downloaded to your computer for use in media. Just click right mouse button and select option "save as". Pictures are in the JPEG format and the resolution is mostly 300dpi. Text material is in PDF format, ask for other format.

What is Alternative Party?

Alternative Party is an annual demoscene and new media festival. The first Alternative Party was held at Turku 1998. The heart of Alternative Party is at demoscene and demos which are audiovisual works. Because of their real time nature they set boundries and challenge to the artists and coders creating them.



Digitaalista ilotulittelua auringonlaskusta aamuyöhön - Demoseinä Kiasmalla

Demotaidetta Kiasman seinällä ja lokakuun taidenäyttelyssä

På Svenska

Alternative Party lyser upp Konstens natt och Kabelfabriken





Sophie Wilson

British computer scientist known for her work for Acorn home computers and ARM RISC architecture.

Sophie Wilson acorn system none prototype arm3 board
Sophie and some of her most important productions Acorn System One prototype        ARM3 board                 


Jeri Ellsworth

Self-taught chip engineer, working custom designs with no limits. Best known for her Commodore 64 chips. She will also host a special episode of classic Internet-based science and technology show The Fat Man and Circuit Girl live from Alternative Party! 

Jeri Ellsworth Jeri Ellsworth


Dope Stars Inc.

Italian band with heavy cyberpunk thematism at their 3rd album is going to skip a consert in Germany just to attend Alternative Party. So the Alternative Party gig is part of their 3rd album release tour.

Glittermouse and NE7

Glittermouse will be one of the artists at Altenative Party 2009 exhibition. She is a visual artist who works across a range of different disciplines but is especially interested in the relationships between humans and environment and in questioning the boundaries between new and traditional media. NE7 has been a musician in the demoscene since the mid 90's and is an active member of triad, scoopex, rebels and napalm.

Glittermouse’s multimedia drawing installations are made by projecting digital images (photographic, digital video, pixel and vector graphics) on to a large sheet of wall mounted paper and then using traditional drawing methods and materials to interact visually with the projected images.






Perhepäivä (Family day )

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