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Check out a cool party reportage

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.


Check out a cool party reportage

2009-11-22 18:31 by Suvi Alanko

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

2009-10-25 17:48 by Suvi Alanko

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

2009-10-25 17:42 by Suvi Alanko

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.

Please leave feedback

2009-10-25 10:19 by Altparty Admin

Please tell to us what was great about AltParty and what was not. You can do it with our feedback form. Your opion is really important to us. Let's make next year party even better!

Alternative Party radiates to every home!

2009-10-23 21:32 by Kim Viljanen

Listen to 103,1 MHz from Friday 17 to Sunday 16. 48 hours of pure demoscene content with live coverages, interviews and great music! In co-operation with Scenesat and Radio Hami. Available in Ruoholahti, Lauttasaari and Downtown Helsinki.

First photos published

2009-10-23 20:52 by linnea

First photos from Alt Party has been published! Our photographers have been busy little bees capturing atmosphere at Kaapeli. You can find their photos on Gallery.

Visitors' photos

2009-10-23 16:42 by linnea

If you take photos at Alt Party, you can upload them to Flickr with tag altparty:event=2009 so they will appear at our Web 2.0 page. Also you can send photos from your mobile with email or MMS to our visitors' photos page.

In twitter you can tag your tweets with hashtag #altparty so they will appear also our web site.

Mobile schedule helps you to navigate trough the event

2009-10-23 11:00 by Suvi Alanko

Have you noticed our mobile schedule? This should help you to navigate trought the event Schedule gets also real time corrections etc. when ever it is possible.

Today it begins. Jeri, Sophie and DSI are ready!

2009-10-23 01:35 by Kim Viljanen

Welcome to Alternative Party 2009. Advance ticket sales has ended. Tickets available at the door. See you soon!!!

Warmup club today at 19, free of charge!

2009-10-22 17:53 by Suvi Alanko

We arrange totally free warmup club today so wellcome and bring your friends as well!

Last day to buy your advance ticket

2009-10-22 16:00 by Suvi Alanko

Remember to buy your advance ticket today before the day changes. Andvance ticket sales ends and event starts tomorrow!

Radio show about ALT at YLE Vega tomorrow at 18

2009-10-21 17:50 by Suvi Alanko

Maria Candia and Kim Viljanen are at YLE Radio Vega talking about Alternative Party on Thursday at 18. The radio show is in Swedish.

Win a Nokia N900!

2009-10-21 12:10 by Kim Viljanen

The prize list has been updated. We have some super cool new prizes, such as two Nokia N900 devices. You have still time to participate in the competitions. May the best win!

Alternative Party Special on Dina TV at 19 today. Also on web

2009-10-20 18:16 by Suvi Alanko

Alternative Party special at M2HZ community tv. This programme is made of Steampunky Alternative Party 2008. Programme also at DINA cable channel today at 19 and Sunday at 17. Site will have some more material during / after the event.

Opening seremony on Friday at 20 with audiovisual show

2009-10-18 20:51 by Suvi Alanko

The opening ceremony of Alternative Party 2009 will consist of music and vj show by MK10/FTHR Productions: music by Tuomas Munck and VJing by Mr. Jädertpolm with some pre words to wellcome all by the founder organisers Setok and Ravel.

Article about organisers pre party feelings at Sektori

2009-10-17 11:45 by Suvi Alanko

Read the Sektori interview [In Finnish] to hear the ideas and feelings of Setok and Digikim.  Are we still underground, who decides the musical artists, is this the end and can Setok predict the future?

Advance ticket sales ends soon!

2009-10-17 10:48 by Kim Viljanen

Buy your ticket now! Advance ticket sales of Netrunner and Edgerunner tickets available until Thursday 22nd October. Bank transfer payment option ends on Monday 19th October. Details on other ticket types here.

This years shirt design

2009-10-15 21:00 by Suvi Alanko

First test prints of this years ALT T-shirt have been printed.

Take part and win a dinner!

2009-10-14 17:40 by Suvi Alanko

Remember to participate the big pro ALT competition and win a dinner!

ALT at Bassoradio Wednesday 14th October at 23

2009-10-13 19:00 by Suvi Alanko

Setok from Alternative Party will visit at "Dark Side" hosted by Proteus 14th October. Listen the show with ALT attitude and chat of music shows from web or FM radio (102.8 MHz in Helsinki).

Stick a poster to an intresting place and win a dinner with Jeri, Sophie or DSI

2009-10-10 19:08 by Suvi Alanko

Have an intresting place in mind? Got nothing to do for the evening? Go to glue a poster there and win a luxurious three course dinner with special guest of your choise. Read more!

Tuo perheesi Alternative Partyille sunnuntaina 25.10.

2009-10-09 11:01 by Kim Viljanen

Tietokoneet, digikulttuuri ja elektroniikka yhdistävät sukupolvia vaarista vauvaan. Alternative Partyt järjestää tämän kunniaksi Perhepäivän sunnuntaina 25.10. Näytteillä mm. Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari, MSX, UNIX ja muita koneita. Lisäksi taidetta, supertietokoneita, robotteja, tietokonepajaa, kyberlemmikkejä, Pikku Kakkosta ja paljon muuta.

Brain Pool - open for your ideas!

2009-10-08 00:00 by Kim Viljanen

Brain Pool is a place where you can present your idea, art or anything in a 30 minutes long session. The collection of brains will process your input and help you refining whatever you are doing! Read more.

YLE will produce a documentary on demoscene!

2009-10-07 02:00 by Kim Viljanen

The documentary produced by the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE will be planned at Alternative Party on Saturday 24th October at 14 in a workshop open for everybody. Please participate to ensure that all the right demos, people and stories gets into the document! More details will be announced later.

MSX controlled video installation and robot at the Exhibition

2009-10-06 18:03 by Suvi Alanko

This year's MSX table at ALT is going to be wilder than before. There will be plenty of MSX hardware to show and for example "Man meets machine" theme compatible interactive multimedia installation with MSX controlled robot & camera including video projection.

Music site has new confirmed artists

2009-10-02 12:22 by Suvi Alanko

As a meeting place of different aspects of culture, be it digital or analogue, we also bring noteworthy artists to carry you through the night. Dope Stars Inc, Byproduct, 64mula, Tero and many more!

YLE Material Challenge announced!

2009-10-01 19:39 by Kim Viljanen

The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE awards 1500 € for the best demo or other type of entry in the YLE Material Challenge. Show your skills and make a broadcasting revolution!

Futuristic cybershows in 3 different stages

2009-09-30 18:37 by Suvi Alanko

Alternative Party 2009 will have 3 different stages full of intellectual, artistic and entertaining shows: Main stage with great effects, cosy cafe stage and cyberpunk bar at the Nebula Club stage. 

303 Acid tehcno, Drum'n'bass, 80's game music and C64 sounds coming up...

2009-09-29 07:10 by Suvi Alanko

Live music performances: 80's game music adapted to electronic dance music by Microkorgs. Contemporary electronic music by Byproduct. 303 acid techno sounds by Healium. C64 sounds by 64Mula. Trio DStruction playing only with Nintendo DS and Korg DS-10.

Watch the compos while sipping a pint and try the famous woks

2009-09-28 23:40 by Suvi Alanko

This year it is possible to watch the demo competitions from the Nebula club's own screen and PA!

The bar offers you with a complete sortiment of beverages such as beer, cider, wines, stronger stuff and non-alcoholic beverages. Remember also to taste the Alternative Party signature drink and other specialities.

During daytime, lunches are available such as soups, salads and the Hima & Sali's famous woks.

Video Competition theme is Alternative future

2009-09-27 19:27 by Suvi Alanko

Themed Video Competition is a short film competition, with a mandatory theme. Make your own short film concerning the theme Alternative future, finalise it before the party or at the party and present it to all by participating in the competition!

Exhibition info at the page

2009-09-26 22:35 by Suvi Alanko

Alternative Party 2009 Exhibition will contain a lot of art and technology. Visual artist Glittermouse, 3D Theater with content and supercomputer Cray CX1 which you can even use yourself by attending the Supercomputer Competition.

Cyberpunk Dinner - dinner tickets only available in advance!

2009-09-26 09:43 by Suvi Alanko

A three course dinner will be served on Friday 23rd October at 18 - right before the opening show at 20. Begin your party weekend with your friends and the special guests!

Dope Stars Inc. interviewed

2009-09-14 19:38 by Suvi Alanko

DSI interviewed about their new album and show in Altparty at Stalkermusic site. Text is in Finnish.

Bar with program and screen, food 24h a day, lovely Soihtu and more

2009-09-06 10:07 by Suvi Alanko

You won't be walking around hungry or thirsty at Alternative Party. Food is available 24h a day.

There will be Nebula Club - a bar to provide you a place to sip a pint while watching compos from the screen. Bar is also full of it's own programme.

We are very happy to announce that cosy and lovely Cafe Soihtu will serve you at party area this year as before.

Compos for 2009

2009-09-05 06:58 by Suvi Alanko

More Competitions published. One of this years specialities will be 3D-Theater Compo.

Don't forget to dress up for Costume Competition and make your best productions for Dynamic Demo, Retro Graphics or for Cray CX1.

Alternative Demo Competition will have a prizes of at least 3000 euros, in cash.

Schedule is now published

2009-09-02 12:38 by Suvi Alanko

Schedule version 1.0 is now out. Main changes are that there will be still a lot of additions. The main themes are: musicshows on Friday, compos on Saturday and workshops for Sunday.

Last day to buy tickets for Early Bird price!

2009-08-26 10:10 by Suvi Alanko

Remember to buy your tickets for Early Bird price. Prices go up 1.9.2009

Demowall playlist

2009-08-25 10:30 by Suvi Alanko

Metro tells you where to be tonight

2009-08-21 11:58 by Altparty Admin

Metro Magazine 21.8.2009 tells you where to be tonight. See the first tip of the last page (36). ( In Finnish)

Cray CX1 Supercomputer Compo

2009-08-19 19:53 by Suvi Alanko

Altparty and CSC in collaboration with Cray Inc. are proud to announce the unique Supercomputer Competition! What extra would YOU be able to do with this extra CPU or/and Graphic card?

All the participants will get change to attend a special tour to see the most powerful computer in Finland, a Cray XT4/XT5 system called Louhi at CSC. You will also have the opportunity to try the code and store your datasets on the supercomputer before the party! 

ALT Demo Wall this Friday

2009-08-18 16:54 by Suvi Alanko

This friday night, 21.8. you sould be in the Helsinki center and see the ALT Demo Wall. Demos will be beamed on the wall of the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.

The unique show will consist of the most influential and best demos from different periods of time, for different platforms and from demo groups around the world.

From 1980's crack intros to modern days PC demos.

Multimedia Drawing Installation at Exhibition

2009-08-18 11:05 by Suvi Alanko

At Technology and Art Exhibition we'll see Multimedia Drawing Installation by Glittermouse and NE7.

Glittermouse is a visual artist who works across a range of different disciplines but is especially interested in the relationships between humans and environment and in questioning the boundaries between new and traditional media.

NE7 has been a musician in the demoscene since the mid 90's and is an active member of triad, scoopex, rebels and napalm.

The Installation will develope trought the event from Friday to be accomblished on Sunday. See examble of Glittermouse’s multimedia drawing installation.

Remember the exhibition deadline this Sunday

2009-08-12 20:25 by Suvi Alanko

Deadline for submitting your work to the art and technology exhibition at the Alternative Party 2009 is open untill 16th August 2009. Submit your art, technology and workshops now!

Answer now to "Which one is your favourite AltParty ticket name"

2009-08-11 11:22 by Suvi Alanko

3 more days to attend "Which one is your favourite AltParty ticket name" competiton. You may win ALT 2009 T-shirt or ticket to the event. Competition closes 14.8.2009. Give your best answers and stories to be the winner.

video release

2009-08-08 21:48 by Suvi Alanko

Video by Alt community and Modulator published at You Tube.

ALT Demowall - Outdoor demoscene event in downtown Helsinki!

2009-08-06 08:16 by Minttu Kirjavainen

When the Sun sets and the darkness begins, the biggest demoscene show ever will fill the city with audio and light. During the night of Art (Friday 21st of August), demos will be beamed on the house of Kiasma in the middle of Helsinki, with tens of thousands of people watching. The unique show will consist of the most influential and best demos from different periods of time, for different platforms and from demo groups around the world.

Witness it yourself. First time ever. Free of charge. Be there!

ALT Demowall outside Kiasma (Mannerheiminaukio 1, Helsinki). 
Friday 21st of August 2009 at 21.00-01.30.

Invitation to ALT 09 published at EVOKE

2009-08-05 21:11 by linnea

Invitation to Alternative Party 2009 has been published at EVOKE last weekend. You find it at

Wanna win ALT 2009 T-shirt or ticket ?

2009-08-01 13:32 by Suvi Alanko

Take part of "Which one is your favourite AltParty ticket name" competiton and win ALT 2009 T-shirt or ticket to the event. Competition closes 14.8.2009. We already have some glorious answers but why not give yours.

[ALT] Magazine 0x0003 out now

2009-07-28 23:09 by Suvi Alanko

[ALT] Magazine 0x0003, the cyberpunk edition is out now! It will be first sold at Ropecon and then you will find it at Assembly's Alt Zone. There will be for example "The Wonder and Reality of Science Fiction" by Sophie Wilson and "Experiments in Digital and Traditional Drawing" by Glittermouse. And if you are a member, remember to pick yours from Alt Zone as it is a membership benefit! Read more!

Alt at Asm in one week

2009-07-28 13:35 by Suvi Alanko

You'll find Alt Zone, Cyberpunk seminar, the prize for most alternative demo and lot more in Assembly by ALT.

Member Sauna on 24th July

2009-07-17 18:48 by Kim Viljanen

Welcome to the Alternative Party association member sauna event on Friday, 24th of July. If you are not an ALT member, you can join now! ALTernize your future! Read more!

Which one is your favourite AltParty ticket name?

2009-07-12 17:11 by Suvi Alanko

Which one is your favourite AltParty ticket name: Arasaka corporate, Alt Cunningham, Edgerunner's or Netrunner's ticket? Answer now and win

Do you enjoy slow food?

2009-07-07 01:32 by Kim Viljanen

The Alternative Party Cyberpunk Dinner with suitable wines and program is served on Friday 23rd of October at 18. Check the menu and join the dinner with our international special guests. A great way to begin your weekend filled with digital enjoyment day and night!

Cyberpunk for Professionals!

2009-07-06 23:33 by Kim Viljanen

Is your mega corporation ready for the 21st Century? To combine work and fun, join the World's First Seminar on Cyberpunk in Business combined with a superb dinner, business networking opportunities, corporate VIP services and more!

Cyberpunk seminar at Assembly

2009-06-24 22:44 by Suvi Alanko

Last year's ALT seminar in Assembly event got so warm welcome that we have decided to continue the tradition. Adding to this year's strong league of female guests we present lovely and brilliant sci-fi writer Maria Candia as the seminar speaker. This year's ALT seminar will naturally be about cyberpunk. The topic is "Revisiting the Cyborg Manifesto". Check more from Assembly's site.

Tickets available now for early bird prices!

2009-06-15 22:33 by Suvi Alanko

Buy your tickets now. Early bird prices available before 1st of September so act soon and get the best prices! Choose whole experience, plain and cheaper entrance ticket or why not join us for a luxurious dinner.

Jeri Ellsworth's video interview

2009-06-10 17:00 by Suvi Alanko

One of our two great special guests this year, Jeri Ellsworth is interviewd here and this tells a lot for all of you who allready know some things of her or yet know nothing.

Cyberpunk rock

2009-06-03 01:15 by Suvi Alanko

The Italian Dope Stars Inc. will play on Friday night 23rd October. They are actually breaking from their European tour just to give a show at our event! More musical guests confirmed soon.

The [ALT] magazine deadline is close!

2009-05-21 20:58 by Suvi Alanko

The deadline for all contributions for the [ALT] magazine is on Sunday, 24th of May! There is still time for you to send in your contributions and even create something completely new.

The theme of this year's mag is the same as the party theme, cyberpunk.

Read more!

Demoscene Seminar

2009-05-19 15:14 by Suvi Alanko

Demoscene Seminar 2009 will be held in Cable Factory so it will be easier to attend the seminar during the party. More info later.

The mother of ARM and Acorn is coming to Finland!

2009-05-13 20:56 by Suvi Alanko

Sophie Wilson, a pioneer of the 8-bit computing era and also an engineer of the ARM architecture, has promised to bring an original Acorn System One prototype with her

Compos published

2009-05-05 12:02 by Suvi Alanko

Alternative Party 2009 demo competitions are now published. Take a look and create your own productions. For Alternative Demo Compo we have a prize of 3000 euros, in cash. More prizes coming.

[ALT] Magazine deadline extended!

2009-04-26 19:01 by Kim Viljanen

[ALT] Magazine deadline has been extended. The new deadline is Sunday, May 24th 2009. For more information, please check the call for contributions.

Man Meets Machine video

2009-04-14 21:08 by Risto Mäki-Petäys


A teaser video called 'Man Meets Machine' was released at Breakpoint'09 to promote Alt Party 2009. The video was shown a couple of times on the main screen. See the video here.

Have you noticed new ALT blog ?

2009-03-10 17:19 by Suvi Alanko

Jyrki Kasvi wore ALT t-shirt in Finnish parlament, Pirre makes analyse of what is Cyberpunk, Visy tells the secrets of demo making and more.

Business Partnerships Available

2009-03-01 12:50 by Kim Viljanen

Are you interested in visibility and other business opportunities? Check the Business pages and order the brochure!

Write for [ALT] Magazine

2009-02-24 01:00 by Suvi Alanko

Check out call for ALT magazine and join the cybercorporation.

Man Meets Machine

2009-02-24 00:38 by Kristoffer Lawson

While machines have become more and more a part of our lives, the Alternative Party does not believe progress will stop merely with slightly better keyboards. The first real cybernetic developments have now become reality. Electronic eyes that let a blind person see. Robotic limbs that allow a cripple to walk. There are games that you control with your thought. However, these are only the beginning and, whether we like it or not, the time for cybernetic enhancements is quickly approaching. A time when people will not think twice about upgrading their hearing, their strength, their life span or even their thoughts. When humans develop to the point where they not only construct the world around them, but construct themselves.

The Alternative Party 2009 is celebrating this meshing of electronics, genetics and humans, and to open the future of our species and our identity to debate. After all, we want to become a cybernoid.


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