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Check out a cool party reportage

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.




Alternative Party Cyberpunk exhibition is full of digital suprises, media art, cybercontent and special machines. The exhibition contains both Art and Technology.


I found it more "open" to stuff beside demoscene. Like I very much liked the exibition area, the possibility to see a reprap live, the politics discussion and eff talk. I sometimes was a bit disappointed that in other demoscene events, there seemed to be not much interested in society questions of computer technology. I liked Desert Planet.

The technology part of the exhibition contains hitech cyberpunk corporation technology of the magical year 2009 combined with classic computers and game consoles from the 80s. But this is no museum, most systems are actually available for use, be it playing, programming, watching demos or anything else, you can do it here. The exhibition is filled with digital and other art - around Europe. See yourself how pixels become alive!

The Alternative Party 2009 exhibition has been arranged in co-operation with Turku - European Capital of Culture 2011.

Art exhibitions

Art exhibitions of Alternative Party 2009.


Glittermouse's multimedia drawing installations are made by projecting digital images on to a large sheet of wall mounted paper and then using traditional drawing methods to interact with the projected images.

Glittermouse is a visual artist who works across a range of different disciplines but is especially interested in the relationships between humans and environment while questioning boundaries between new and traditional media.

You can find a video about Glittermouse here.



identity 410

identity 410 is a multimedia installation. It uses custom software to mix live video footage with prerecorded imagery to create different time layers. The result is a an interactive video montage. The work draws inspiration from digital communication and its effectson people's identities. Does a person have control over his identity?

identity 410


(b)AR is an augmented reality game, an interactive music installation designed to be used in pubs, parties or public places. It is meant to be a social experiment, mixing cutting edge technology with entertainment, involving music and fun. With every drink visitors get a so called AR sticker sticked to the bottom of their glasses, bottles, mugs, etc. By lifting up, moving or rotating the glasses, visitors can make electronic music.


Smoquito is a simple game which is a specific fusion of our childhood self and the yearly repeating bad experience for the summer, when enjoying a romantic moment you suddenly have to face a cloud of mosquitoes, especially on a beach with sunset. In this situation a cigarette can be useful, which is a tool for getting in touch, and it really works though it is undesirable in general.
2009/tl_files/Exhibition files/smoketrack_teaser_small.png

Bicameral Mind

A mixed media piece combining watercolor with ASCII art, the oldest form of digital art. Inspired by cyberpunk, transhumanism, bicameralism and many other fascinating concepts and ideas.

Bicameral Mind


A mixed media collage sculpture. combining various materials. This is a kind of a sequel to my previous work Acupunkture. Both works explore the juxtaposition of organic and nonorganic.



In the year X technology has advanced to the point where most people are effectively turning their selves into cyborgs. Thus the advances in technology are largely used to enhance the senses for hedonistic purposes. These enhancements are proven to be very straining to the human psyche, so a concept of an artificial "addon" to the human persona is developed. This was called Elias. Whether it's a flaw on the desing or intentional, "Elias" quickly develops a will of its own and starts to compete with human psyche for the control of the body.

Grid by Joonas Siren

Grid is an one channel looping video work. It's a 2D animation, which is influenced by William Gibson's cyberpunk novel Neuromancer. JSiren is a 26 year old art student from Helsinki, studying in Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. He mainly works in the areas of moving image, sound and photography.


A wall clock resembling the classic Tennis/Pong TV-game and made out of recycled parts. Original idea by Sander Mulder (the Netherlands).

M2HZ avoin kenttästudio

Vaikuta Alternative Party -specialin tekoon, lähetä kyberpunk-videopostikortti, opi avoimia työkaluja!

Kaupunkitelevisio M2HZ tuottaa Alternative Party -erikoisohjelman paikan päällä Kaapelitehtaalla avoimessa kenttästudiossa. Festivaalin osallistujat kutsutaan mukaan ohjelman tekoon videopostikorttien, haastattelujen tai muiden klippien muodossa. Kenttästudio pyörii 100% avoimen lähdekoodin ohjelmilla. Alternative Party Special julkaistaan M2HZ-ohjelmistossa tiistaina 27.10.

FLOSS Manuals

Jazz trash robot

Jazz trash robot is our attempt to build a machine that can play experimental music. It is a modular system built from old consumer electronics: tapedecks, clockradios, TVs, vacuum cleaners or whatever we can get our hands on.

More info:

Glitch Workshop

8-bit and not so 8-bit computers, custom software and custom hardware come together to present a free-flowing glitch aesthetic.

Valmet Children

Brick Pit

Freeform robotics workshop, where several Lego Mindstorms NXT sets and other things are used to create something entertaining. Visitors are welcome to drop by and participate with ideas, construction and coding. Constructing a robot is fun and requires no tools. Robots can be programmed using Java (among others) and have a variety of sensors for detecting sound and light intensity, touch, sonar distance and compass heading. Also, the Nintendo Wii Remote accelerometers and IR tracking can and will be used to control some of the robots Brick Pit

Hardware exhibitions

Hardware exhibitions of Alternative Party 2009.

3D Theater

Audiopoli is bringing 3D-theater to Alternative Party! It works with polarization technology and with two Full HD -videoprojectors. The 3D-theater compo will be presented only here. There will be 30 seats for the audience, be sure not to miss it!

3D Theater


Pelikonepeijoonit - The Arctic Computer & Console Museum are attending AltParty again this year. Loosely within the cyberpunk theme, they will present oddities and rarities from their collection - as well as
ever-popular arcade games. All games are available for visitors to play.

2009/tl_files/Exhibition files/pelikonepeijjoonit_small.png

Codice's home computers

A collection of several home computers ranging from DOS PCs to Amiga 500 and gaming consoles ranging from NES to Playstation 2.

Commodore systems

A collection of several Commodore systems with some old and new hardware and software including Vic-20, C64, C128 and more.


Group of MSX enthuasists keeping up the spirit of the old home computer standard. We will show a wide variety of different MSX models and hardware (which is though just a small fraction of models produced). Games which will be also playable for the public will be run on a real hardware. Games will be a combination of gems released through 80's up to the latest games released on this century.

2009/tl_files/Exhibition files/msxfi_small.png


Clustered network of 80's and 90's workhorses running Unix and OpenVMS.


Exhibitions by partners

Here are exhibitions by partners.

Cray CX1

CSC and Cray Inc. are bringing supercomputing to Alternative Party! First time ever, Alternative Party is also organizing an compo using this piece of machinery. Cray CX1 is a desktop-class supercomputer.

Cray CX1

Damicon Kraa

Damicon Kraa delivers high performance information technology equipment and is specialized in Supermicro servers and Sun Microsystems hardware. The stand will contain a huge amount of working hardware which will be given away on Sunday 25th October. Damicon Kraa

Empty Stomach!

Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, 2009. Empty Stomach! is brought to Alternative Party by Turku - European Capital of Culture 2011.

Empty Stomach! is a large inflatable interactive bouncy sculpture. Empty Stomach! incorporates embedded sensor technology to create a playable and intuitively understandable physical interface, an all-encompassing multi-sensoral experience of sound, touch, balance and social interaction. Data from the physical activity of the participants is sent via custom electronics to controlling software creating a real-time interactive soundscape of sounds, music and voice.

Empty Stomach! is a surreal "Day of the Dead" version of the witch's gingerbread house from the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Popular cultural references to the power of fantasma of toys, magic rituals, circus, and amusement parks are insinuated through the visual design of the art work. This surrealistic world of imagination is juxtaposed with the sombre realities of everyday surroundings and conventional habits of action as the work invades the public space as an invitation for other, more political layers of intrepretation.

People are eaten by the monster house as they crawl in through its three gaping mouths. The space inside - its stomach - is entirely red in colour, providing an immersive dive into a psychedelic sensous experience. Besides its conceptual qualities the piece employes a variety of sensory realms like vision, hearing, sense of balance, and tactility in engaging the full body experience. Some people have even licked the surface! By shaking up some of the most profound ways of experiencing our physical surroundings the art work spontaneously creates a strong sense of shared ownership and social interaction amongst its users.

Andy and Merja have been creating art and media projects together since 1993. They were amongst the first artists working online, and during the mid to late 1990's created beautiful, but provocative, multiuser 3D worlds on the internet. Their company Meetfactory has developed a web-based 3D multiuser community platform as well as virtual pet and e-learning applications for mobile phones. They now focus on developing playful, physically engaging installations, robotic, and interactive works using physical computing techniques. Andy and Merja have presented works and papers at many international conferences and festivals of new media, art, and technology. They are experienced curators, producers and educators. Merja Puustinen is completing doctoral research at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and Andy Best is a PhD student in Arts & Computational Technologies at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK.
2009/tl_files/Exhibition files/emptystomach_small.png

Are you the Polycon master of 2009?

Challenge your friends and the people from Turku - the European Capital of Culture 2011 - in tennis using the living dinousaurus Polycon from 1974. Superb prizes to the champions!

YLE Sample Corner - Do your own analogue sample!

In Alternative Party YLE has on display old but still functioning analogue technology. It will be available for public experimentation. For example you can hear how your own music would sound processed through an analogical production process. Bring your own sample or music on a memory stick or cd.

Open Fri 18-21, Sat 15-20 and Sun 11-13.


Paeae Technologies

Paeae Technogies on suomalainen verkkokauppa, joka on keskittynyt elektroniikkakomponenttien maahantuontiin ja myyntiin yksittäisten harrastajien, suunnittelijoiden, insinöörien ja elektroniikasta kiinnostuneiden tarpeisiin. Toimintaamme kuuluu myös omien tuotteiden kehitystyö ja myynti.

Alternative Partyilla mukanamme on mm. Arduinoja, joka onkin päätuotteemme sen helppokäyttöisyyden ja monipuolisten mahdollisuuksien vuoksi. Tuotteisiimme voit tutustua etukäteen verkkosivuillamme. Mikäli tiedät olevasi kiinnostunut jostain tietystä tuotteesta, voit ilmoittaa sen meille etukäteen osoitteeseen info(a), jotta voimme varata tuotetta mukaan tapahtumaan.

Tule tutustumaan tuotteisiimme ja juttelemaan elektroniikkarakentelusta.

ps. Myymme myös neodyymista tehtyjä magneettikuulia.


Piraattipuolue (Pirate Party of Finland) is a registered political party devoted to protecting privacy and freedom of speech as well as upgrading the copyright laws to meet the reality of the 21st century. 2009/tl_files/Exhibition files/piraattipuolue-logo_small.png


Nokia will present art which is interactively created with the new N900. More information to be announced soon. is a platform for doing distributed rendering over the Internet. It is a completely free service that enables its users to render their animations or stills by using the computing power of volunteers from around the world. By doing so, graphic artists and animators benefit from being able to use higher image quality and higher resolutions when rendering. Equally importantly, it enables its users to participate in the rendering of stills and animations, regardless of whether or not they themselves are able to or even interested in learning about 3D modeling and animation. Our aim is to make as accessible as possible, enabling as many people as possible to both take part in and take use of the technologies behind the service. The crew encourages you to take part in both the online community and the collaborative rendering.


A quite new webradio with a lot of experience from the scene under the hood. The goal is to make the world aware of the beauty of the music within the demoscene and at the same time merge the demoscene with other related genres suck as game soundtracks, netlabels and all sorts of various platforms. A proper labelling could be in the line of "Scene++". Listen to Scenesat.

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