Alternative Party 2010

Alternative Party ry

Alternative Party ry is a Finland-based registered non-profit organisation devoted to advancing and supporting alternative media and computing culture. It was founded in May 2001, but the core team had been organising events together for many years.

Become a member

Are you truly what you want to be? Are you an ALT native?

Your life may change. Alternize your future now!

The ALT membership benefits

[P] Giving your support for the yearly Alternative Party festival and digital culture,

[A] The power to vote in ALT association meetings and reshaping the ALT future,

[R] The amazing yearly [ALT] Magazine for free,

[T] The unforgettable member-only ALT events,

[Y] And most importantly, you become a true ALT native!

Membership fees 2011

  • Regular member: 10 € / year
  • Support member: 110 € / year
  • Entry fee for new members: 0 €

How to join

Go to the Alternative Party Shop (aka ALT-Mart) and buy your membership (and some cool ALT stuff). There it is possible to pay by either credit card or PayPal. This is the preferable way!

Alternatively you can send your full real name, handle/group, home city and email address to and transfer the membership fee to our bank account 137830-218954 with the message "ALT-MEMBERSHIP".

You will get a notification when your membership has been confirmed.

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