Alternative Party 2010

2 Alternative Party

The second coming

People waiting for the MSX demo show to begin

2 Alternative Party, the second of our events, was held at Domus Academica, Helsinki, on 7-9 July 2000.

After the success of the first party, many ideas were thrown about what we should do next. There was even some speculation about organising a party in Stockholm with local Atari sceners. In the end, we rented Domus Academica from the student union of University of Helsinki, in co-operation with TKO-äly.

Manschester Schwartzwurst by Fit won the demo competition, an Atari Falcon production

The announcement of the party was quite late but we still had about one hundred visitors, many of which were Swedish Atari sceners. A Finnish group called Pelikonepeijoonit also brought a good selection of old computers with them.

Via connections with a Jyväskylä-based party organisation Niitty we booked two interesting music acts to play at the party. DJ Erkko played electro records and Tero performed live with his Commodore 64, playing soon-to-be classics just before his breakthrough in the Finnish party scene.

Experimental competitions

Table ice hockey tournament on the "Alternative Arena"

We organised two music competitions this time: in the ST-01 music competition the idea was to create an Amiga music module using samples only from the infamous ST-01 sample disk. In the other competition, the aim was to create an obscure piece of music, as opposed to mainstream styles. Both competitions produced very interesting entries.

Table ice hockey tournament and Source code graphics competition were surely among the most obscure competitions ever held at demoparties. The ultraviolet lights illuminated the decorated "Alternative Arena" where the table ice hockey tournament was played.

Fit won the demo competition with their excellent demo Manschester Schwartzwurst. The other entries were at best mediocre but we did see an entry on Telmac — a world first! Continuing the tradition of the first Alternative Party, the restrictions on modern PC's and Amigas were in place.

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