Alternative Party 2010



By visiting our events you are not a customer of ours, you are part of the ALT community! We are everywhere. You are now one of us. Congratulations! :)


Attend the parties and other events

You should definitely experience Alternative Parties and other Alternative events. They are fun and much more. More information about future events can be found at this site. Read also in the archive about previous events. You are also most welcome to participate in the planning and preparations of the parties.

Join the Alternative Party ry

Behind our events there is a registered non-profit association called Alternative Party ry, based in Helsinki, Finland. You can be a member, too!

We are on Facebook, IRC-Galleria and Twitter

Join the Alternative Party Facebook page and the IRC-Galleria's Alt community. To notice the latest alternative events, follow altpartyorg on Twitter, too.

Join the Mailing lists

You can also join to the public Alternative Party's mailing list. There are two lists:

Note that all announcements will be posted to the altparty list as well. There is no need to join both mailing lists!

Join the IRC channel #altparty (IRCnet)

On IRCnet you can join #altparty for discussion and general chat about Alternative Party.

Wear it, read it, eat it — Merchandise

We've got timeless t-shirts with attitude — special price only for you!

The Alt condoms have already expired but you might still encounter them somewhere. Beware! 

Check the Alternative Party Shop (aka ALT-Mart).

The full yearly sortiment is available at the next Alternative Party festival.