Our contribution to Assembly '01

This page is mainly a gallery of contributions to our Analogue Graphics Competition held at AltZone. More information and discussion on AltZone can be found in AltWiki. You can also find the results of the other compos there.


Our manifesto that was spread at Assembly '01.

Here are the results and the entries of the compo:


1. Ansichrist


2. Spiikki


3. Mantkore


4. Zeroic


5. Britelite


6. MarQ


7. Ravel


8. sauli


8. Mck


10. Matti L.


10. Jaffa


10. K. Lawson


13. Antti M.


14. OrientalNoodle


15. Tero


15. Nosfe


15. Aropupu


15. Poro


15. Exca


15. Kataja