This is my party .......


I KISS YOU !!!!!


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I like computer , I have many many games my home I can play

I like sport , swiming , basketball , tenis , volayball, car driving, shoot em up, nethack .........

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I like travel I go 3-4 party every year

I went , Alt Party, Breakpoint, Assembly, The Party, Gathering, Scene Event, Imp, CAFe, PHAT .....

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My profession software engineer , physics and programming teacher , I make technolojy doctora

I like to take digi-camera (computers, amimals , towns , nice drunk models and scenepeoples).....

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My tall 1.84 cm (6.2 feet) My weight 178 kg.

My eyes green ..  I live alone !!!!!!!!!

I have home - computer .........

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I like to be swapping from different country ..

I live in RANTSU -town ESPOO ...( 200 thouand peoples - near   the sea - old history)...


Who is want to come ALT STORK  I can invitate .....

She can stay my home ........

I speake c, java, visual basic, perl , I want to learn other language ! 

real altstork