the alternative stork party 2006

the summer.
the sauna.
the sausage.
the beer.
the compo.
the scene.
the party.

the friendly demoscene gathering with rituals such as sauna, beer and sausage. and the compo. this is the finnish summer with the alternative atmosphere.

put your name in the list if you are coming.

starts: 28th July 2006 at 16:00
ends:   30th July 2006 at 16:00

location: rantasauna otaniemi espoo finland.
(behind jämeräntaival 5)
bus 102 from helsinki and others

admission fee: probably about 10 EUR.

some features: two saunas (big electric and small wood-heated), many refridgerators for drinks, good sound system, video projector, sleeping dormitories with real beds(!), many shops nearby, swimming possibility, grilling facilities both indoors and outdoors, two kitchens for public use, 24h service station (esso) nearby, electricity and network for all, free parking places.

also very good prizes in the compo in which anything can participate.

organised by alternative party ry.
main organisers setok and ravel, contact for more info. irc:#altparty

even more info coming wery soon.

also check out mahir.