Alternative Party 2010

[ALT] 0x0003 - this year's issue - now available!

The 52 pages long cyberpunk edition of the [ALT] Magazine includes top stories such as "The Wonder and Reality of Science Fiction" by Sophie Wilson, "Experiments in Digital and Traditional Drawing" by Glittermouse and an interview with Jeri Ellsworth by Mikko Tuomela.

The articles cover themes from human brains to literature, including short stories, poetry, hand-drawn illustrations and drabbles which consist of exactly one hundred words. Many of the articles and graphics are related to this year's Alternative Party 2009 theme cyberpunk. The magazine has been created by authors around Europe, sceners and non-sceners.


Get yours soon! It will be first sold at Ropecon and next week at the AltZone at Assembly. And if you are a member, remember to pick your free copy at the AltZone as it is a membership benefit.

Enjoy the most alternative magazine of the year!