Alternative Party is a digital culture festival, which is organized for the past 15 years. Party is held at Suvilahti's Kattilahalli and Nuorisokeskus Happi 18.-20.10.


Welcome to Alternative Party. Here’s some practical info regarding your visit to Alternative Party. Do not hesitate to contact us at the Infodesk or by other means, if you have any questions.

What is the Alternative Party?

Alternative Party is a festival of digital culture attended by coders, musicians, designers, hackers, and other digital enthusiasts. In Alternative Party, you can enjoy digital culture in various forms, catch a glimpse of the technology of the future, and experience nostalgic trips with vintage hardware.

The Alternative Party was founded in 1998 and it is organized by the Alternative Party ry - a non-profit association. It is organized on a voluntary basis by over 100 enthusiasts of digital culture.

This year the theme of the party is Hospital. Perhaps you want to dress up accordingly - are you the doctor or the patient? We will take care of you for the whole weekend.

Time and location

Friday 18th of October at 18.00 -- Sunday 20th of October at 15.00. The event is open 24h/day. Come and go as you wish.

The party venue is Suvilahti, located in Helsinki, Finland. For more information on how to find the venue, see the Location instructions [linkki gmapsiin].


  • Capacity for at least 500 people.
  • Friendly security staff with a demoscene background.
  • The nurses at the Infodesk answer all your questions with a smile!
  • ALT Hospital Shop
  • Measure your blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol on Saturday for a small fee - actual nurses present!
  • WLAN available.
  • Public parking available around the Cable Factory? (we are nowhere even close to Kaapelitehdas), free of charge most of the time.

Computer places

  • We have around 80 designated computer places. For a computer place, buy a Surgeon ticket [linkki]
  • The computer place contains a table place, chair, electricity and Internet (LAN) connection. Bring your own extension cord and Ethernet cable.

Where to sleep?

Hotels available nearby

No age restriction - babies, grandparents, families, everybody is welcome!

  • The Alternative Party is open for everybody, no age limits. (Except Ravintola Lämpö, which has an 18 year age limit on Friday evening)
  • We however recommend that people under 15 year do not participate alone.
  • Please also remember to protect the hearing of babies and yourself.

Food and beverages available!

  • Ravintola Lämpö’s cafe in Kattilahalli takes care of the patients’ physical needs regarding hydration and nutrition during the event
  • If you need additional hydration, Ravintola Lämpö in the Suvilahti area will offer special care on friday evening. They will also serve wholesome nutrition on Sunday 11 am to 4 pm
  • There are additional nutrition and hydration facilities in Sörnäinen and Kallio for a variety of tastes.
  • You can bring your own non-alcoholic beverages and food to the party place.

What payment methods do we accept?

  • We accept cash (euros) and major debit and credit cards (VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestro).

Party rules


  • Have fun, enjoy digital and demoscene culture, celebrate! Check the programme.
  • Bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages, if you want to. You don't need though, because food and beverages are on sale at party place also.
  • Take photos and film/record if used for non-commercial purposes. (For commerial purposes, please contact the press department for a permission.)
  • Promote your non-commercial projects. (Organisers have the right to restrict such promotion if it is considered e.g. annoying.)

Do not:

  • Do not bring weapons or explosives of any kind, including edged weapons such as knives, pocket knives or Leathermans or similar tools with knives (these are classified as edged weapons).
  • Do not bring alcohol or illegal drugs. Do not bring medicine where you don't have a prescription (if required by Finnish law).
  • Do not attach any stickers or tape anywhere at the venue. Please contact the organisers if you want to display your banderol or other material.
  • Bottles and cans are forbidden in the front of the stage during concerts.
  • Do not bring animals such as dogs and cats.
  • Smoking is forbidden inside the party area. There is a separate smoking area outside the main entrance.

Please notice

  • All Finnish laws apply at Alternative Party.
  • Each party visitor is expected to have all the required permissions (Teosto, Gramex, ÄKT, etc) for playing publicly any music or video.
  • The party rules apply also outside the party venue.


Ladies and Gentlemen, our great pleasure is to introduce you to the partners of Alternative Party 2013! Without their support, the event wouldn't have been possible.

  • Opetus- ja kulttuuriministeriö
  • Helsingin Kulttuurikeskus
  • Sitra / Gesundheit
  • Grand Cru
  • Nuorisokeskus Happi

Alternative Party 2013 compos

Theme: Hospital

General rules


Alternative combined

  • The compo PC is a Windows 7 64-bit & Linux WUBI running modern high-end PC, with a NVIDIA GPU
  • A low-end Linux netbook running ChromeOS and Ubuntu 64-bit is also available (Acer Chromebook C7)
  • All Linux entries must work with 10 minutes of tinkering or from a USB bootable distro
  • All and any other hardware IS allowed, provided you bring your own! (composite/component video/vga/hdmi output)
  • Size limit is 512MB. But we'll still disqualify pure video players! (Wild compo is for those)
  • As usual, we'd like to see demos that defy demoscene norms, that dare to experiment and push the envelope of digital art

64k Intro

  • 64k size limit. Platforms as in the alternative combined compo

64k Cracktro

  • Like the intro compo, but the theme is "cracktro"
  • Especially we'd like to see REAL cracktros for actual cracked software
  • Please note that distributing pirated software is against the law in Finland

Beginner demo

  • 50% of the group has to be in a new role, i.e. graphician doing music, musician coding FOR THE FIRST TIME
  • Or for true beginners with no previous demoscene productions
  • Same rules as alternative combined
  • All groups can give a short few minute presentation before their entry is shown, introducing the group to the audience


23k executable

  • 23k executable music. 23552 bytes. All platforms allowed
  • Entry has to be an executable file
  • You must have a streaming copy of the entry (MP3, FLAC, OGG) with your entry
  • Time limit: 3 min 30 sec

ICU Rave music

  • Any format allowed, even executables.
  • You must have a streaming copy of the entry (MP3, FLAC, OGG) with your entry
  • Style: rave music
  • Time limit: 3 min 30 sec

Healing music

  • Any format allowed, even executables.
  • You must have a streaming copy of the entry (MP3, FLAC, OGG) with your entry
  • Style: "healing" music (think: Hospital theme)
  • Time limit: 3 min 30 sec


Digital graphics

The entry should be a bitmap or vector image. A bitmap of 1920x1080 resolution must be provided for screen presentation. Supported filetypes are JPEG, PNG for bitmap images, PDF and SVG for vector images.

Analog graphics

Entry must be either 2d or 3d art restricted to 1 m x 1 m x 1 m size. A photograph of it should either be provided by you for the voting system or the organizers will take a picture.

Executable graphics

Any computer hardware may participate. Executable must be 4 kilobytes or smaller. Resulting still image will be shown on screen. An extracted image (PNG or JPEG) should be provided for the voting system.

Wild Hospital

Video & Live

Video entries must be in a common digital format (h.264, Quicktime, xvid etc.) Live entries are provided with a microphone and a stage. Go wild! Must follow the theme Hospital in some way.


Surprise compos that are announced during the party!


ÄLYMYSTÖ (Intelligentsia) was formed in the winter of 2002, when messrs. Haapanen (programming) and Vuorensola (vocals, better known as the director of Iron Sky movie) first had a vision of dark industrial music unlimited by genres. Through the years the orchestra has expanded to a full 5-member band along with Mr. Paalanen (guitar), Mr. Honkonen (theremin) and Mr. Eskola (bass).

Älymystö has released one full-length album (Atomgrad, 2005) and a handful of EP-releases. In autumn 2013 the band released a compilation album titled "Unsealed (2002-2013)", and is currently working on 2nd full-length album, codenamed "Magnum Opus" and due to be released in late 2014. Älymystö has performed numerous live shows around Finland, Baltic countries and Russia - the latest show was in Riga, Latvia, at Nakts Maina III industrial festival in August 2013. Älymystö performed in Alternative Party 2004 and is now returning to the crimescene with a special show designed especially for the event.


Performing live since 2004, APROX. is a one man wrecking crew of crossover freeform madness, who has become known from his schizophrenic combinations of acoustic folk ballads, ass-kicking gabber techno and abrasive Tom Waits snarlfests. While he's on stage, you can expect moshpits, speaking in tongues, moments of unspeakable beauty, and all sorts of inappropriate behavior. Outside of his own music projects, APROX. has produced Finnish hip hop, such as Ruger Hauer's minor hit Iso Paha Susi from last year.


VJ EMIKO / Emilia Gumanska
Visual artist: vj, video designer and producer, photographer.The winner of VJ Torna Championship 2011 during Live Performers Meeting Minsk edition, Pre-production and VJ Battle Category in Mexico City 2013. Projects by VJ Emiko, connecting body motives and its movement with graphical analog elements in a rank of symbols, belong to the category of experimental video art. By expressing the emotional states of a human – the vessel, they create audiovisual show, which in connection with music enhances the inner feelings of the spectator.




  • 18.00 Doors open
  • 20.00 Opening ceremony
  • 21.00 23k executable music compo
  • 22.00 APROX.
  • 23.00 Älymystö
  • 24.00 ICU Rave music compo

Ravintola Lämpö: Opening club

Nuorisokeskus Happi

- Junior GameJam 12 am to 9 pm



  • 16.00 Girl geek meet at the cafeteria
  • 18.00 Digital graphics compo
  • 18.30 Analog graphics compo
  • 19.00 Executable graphics compo
  • 20.00 Healing music compo
  • 21.00 Wild Hospital compo
  • 22.00 64k Intro, 64k Cracktro, Beginner demo compos
  • 23.00 Alternative combined compo

Nuorisokeskus Happi

  • Junior GameJam 9 am to 9 pm
  • Demokerho Happeen workshop
  • Quantified Self, 1 pm @ Konflikti, 4th floor
  • How to get started in the demo scene, 1 pm & 4 pm @ Konsensus, 4th floor



  • 12.00 Prize ceremony

Ravintola Lämpö: Brunch 11 am to 4 pm

Nuorisokeskus Happi

  • - Junior GameJam 9 am to 8 pm


Patient, 30€

  • Stay at the ALT Hospital for the whole weekend
  • Alternative Party ry members and youth with the NAK card get a 10 euro discount

Doctor, 45€

  • Stay at the ALT Hospital for the whole weekend
  • Table for your own procedures and equipment

Surgeon, 80€

  • Stay at the ALT Hospital for the whole weekend
  • An operating table overlooking the whole party area
  • Also includes: private kitchen and bathrooms, refreshments, sauna

Free entrance

  • Anyone with a hospital bracelet
  • Personal assistants when in company of client

Buy tickets

We reserve the right to change prices, ticket descriptions and other terms and conditions without prior notice. Advance tickets are delivered by e-mail to you after the purchase. Tickets include taxes. No delivery fees or other additional hidden fees. Tickets can not be refunded or cancelled. However, you are free to establish your own black market for tickets and sell your ticket for as high price you can get. You can even brag about it to us to be selected as our head of ticket sales for next year! In the unlikely situation that the event is cancelled, your ticket will be refunded. If you have questions, please contact tickets@altparty.org


Have fun!


Info about everything at: info@altparty.org
Ticket sales specific questions: tickets@altparty.org
Website related: webmaster@altparty.org
Feedback and improvement suggestions: feedback@altparty.org
Partner service team: partners@altparty.org
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