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MONOLITH RESISTOR – Friday at 01 (October 21)

Monolith Resistor is a Finnish electronic music band from Helsinki. It plays eletronic and acid house, featuring some influences also from other genres. The band consists of vintage instruments from the 80s and the 90s, played by five musicians plus guests.

Monolith Resistor is a Finnish electronic music band founded in Helsinki in mid 2010. It brings vintage sounds from the 80s and the 90s, playing classic electro and acid house, plus some influences from variety of other electronic music genres.

The band consist currently of five people. John "Anonymous" Doe plays mostly vintage drum machines and programs analogue intruments' patterns. Aki "Aksu" Honkasuo is the lead bassline player. Jussi "Spot" Kinnula sings with and without vocoder, plays keyboards and also programs sequences. Marko "Guffe" Vuoti plays also basslines and dances on stage. Juha-Pekka "Jupp3" Jokela plays C-64 and the theremin. Also additional guests are always welcomed on gig-to-gig basis to play along, at this gig Risto "Bass Cadet" Mäki-Petäys will join with the band with his accordion.

Even though many of the songs have pre-programmed sequences, most of the music is played (and sometimes even composed) live - without the help of computer software. Even though they have published an album (Monolith Resistor - Exit Autumn, available for sale at the party), all the music is published in full quality on their website for everyone to download, share and enjoy, for free.