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The End of The Alternative Party?

On 22nd of October, 2011, the Association made a decision that Alternative Party will not continue in it's current format. Many have been worried that this means the end of Alternative Party, however, in the meeting the opposite was highlighted.

Setok argued that Alternative Party should not be institutionalized in any form, rather it should continue to reshape itself and the environment. At the same time, we saw an active community stating their support for the Alternative Party - in whatever format it takes place.

Therefore, we need to re-invent what we do. We need to focus on how we do things. And, we need to make this change an open process, engaging the community.

What happens next?

We had an initial discussion in the future workshop, held after the meeting. This video summarizes some of the thoughts of the participants:

However, these are just the initial steps. We have lot of things to think and discuss, the work continues.

Those who want to follow up and participate this effort, join the email list now. We keep our websites updated regarding the change.