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Family Day

Official name: The International Socialistic Alternative Party Workers' Family and Pioneer Day

The Alternative Party Family Day takes place on Sunday 23rd of October between 11-15 at Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

The Family Day program is aimed for adults and children between ages 5 and 12. Computers, digital culture and electronics can connect generations from infants to grandparents, so do not let your kids miss all the fun at Alternative Party.

Family Day program

11.00 The Family Day begins
All day: Old computers, Strange technology, Interactive art, Adventure tour for children, Soihtu Café and more.
12.00 Guided tour: Soviet Exhibition
13.00 Children's demoshow
14.00 Guided tour: Soviet Exhibition
15.00 The Family Day ends

Practical information

Time: Sunday 23rd of October, 11.00-15.00

Place: Merikaapelihalli, Cable Factory, Helsinki (Tallberginkatu 1 C)

Age recommendation: Children aged 5-12 with parents or other adult companions.

Tickets: 10 € for the whole family (your children, spouse, grand parents and grand grand parents included). Ask for the "Warm & Fuzzy Siberia Family Ticket".

If you already have a weekend ticket to the event, your children comes free during Family Day but your spouse, grand parents and grand grand parents need to buy one Warm & Fuzzy Siberia Family Ticket (10 € for the whole family) to get in.

Carriages are ok: The party place allows for easy movement with carriages.

Protect the hearing: For very small children, we recommend using hearing protection.

Suitability: The whole program of the Alternative Party Family Day is suitable for children.

No brainwashing: The theme of the party is "Red Machines" which refers in a parodical way to the Soviet Union, communism etc and celebrates the most interesting history of Eastern computing history. The Alternative Party is not a political event and your children will not be brainwashed otherways than with digital culture and old computers such as Commodore 64 and Amiga.

This said, here is some nice music from the Alternative Party's Children's Choir