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The official ALT EXPO 2011 presents the supreme innovations of the mighty digital culture and the Soviet Union.

Back to the U.S.S.R.

Where in the world did Lenin travel? What kind of a badge did a Russian janitor attach to his uniform? What was the Soviet rubber product number 2?

Seppo Mäkinen owns the world's largest collection of badges (Guinness World Records certified) and also a mighty collection of social and political relics from the Soviet Union. Alternative Party is proud to present parts of his collection this weekend at the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland. From unique historical objects to everyday Soviet items, you are welcome to view parts of red history. The collector himself will be giving guided tours over the weekend.

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Wiishoot Your Capitalistic Enemies!

Hackerspace 5w from Tampere is a community workshop and project space where hackers, gadget makers, inventors, tuners and engineers from different walks of life gather to work on all kinds of projects. Ranging from 3D printers to rapid prototyping, from robots and AI:s to network systems, not forgetting art. What ever the content may be, the main thing is to do, be creative and have fun! At Alternative Party, 5w presents a computer game -project called Wiishooter. It consists of a self-made arcade shooter and a controller, made by combining an airsoft gun and a Wii remote.

Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Simulator

Helsinki Hacklab presents the Hacklab Reactor Simulator, an interactive Soviet nuclear plant experience.  Feel the power of an explosing nuclear powerplant! We are also happy to tell you more about Helsinki Hacklab, the local hackerspace in Helsinki.

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Museum of Old Stuff

We have selection of old and cool technology, just as on previous years. Use this to demonstrate your significant other, children, spose, or non-human significant other (remeber, non-humans have free of charge entrance) how bad things were in your childhood.


The People Will Not Forget -- Kansan muisti

We're a volunteer project dedicated to increasing transparency in Finnish parliamentary politics and implementing participatory democracy in Finland. Our website is at Also, we'll introduce Talkootarjotin, a tool for coordinating volunteer work.

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

The best University of Applied Sciences in Finland according to a survey conducted by Talouselämä newspaper. At the Alternative Party we will be showcasing our new engineering studies in game technology in addition to our existing degrees in Game Development, Datacenter solutions and Vehicle Information Systems.

Instanssi LAN & Demo Party

Instanssi is a demo party held in Jyväskylä, Finland. It is organized next time in 9th-11th March, 2012. Instanssi is meant to be beginner friendly party, where everyone interested in digital culture is welcome. Although the language of the party is Finnish, we are also friendly to English speakers. 

Radio On - Internjet radio

Radio On is an internet radio, hosted by nerdy radioamateurs: people who like different things, and want to talk about things they like: it might be music, movies, Saab or Stellan Skarsgård. We got it all covered. So, what will you find from our stand? People making a radioshow, tadaa. Fascinatingly simple, right? But, instead of just taking a quick peek at our stand, you might (and should) want to listen the show also at - And if you're curious enough, you can come and participate! We have a few spare microphones, bad jokes, awful music and horrible hosts. We might even have the worst coffee you've ever had!

Electronic Frontier Finland

Electronic Frontier Finland strives to ensure that human rights are respected also online. Current topics include freedom of expression and right to anonymity. We also believe that fair use of content must be ensured, especially as digital content becomes more widespread. Informational material and fridge magnets available More information:

Cartes Flux 2011

Simultaneously with Alternative Party 2011, the digital art festival Cartes Flux 2011 presents amazing installations in Puristamo, Valssaamo and Kaapelin Galleria. Read more and go check yourself! (Open daily from 11am to 8pm, except Sunday when they close at 3pm.)