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The End of The Alternative Party?

On 22nd of October, 2011, the Association made a decision that Alternative Party will not continue in it's current format. Many have been worried that this means the end of Alternative Party, however, in the meeting the opposite was highlighted.

Setok argued that Alternative Party should not be institutionalized in any form, rather it should continue to reshape itself and the environment. At the same time, we saw an active community stating their support for the Alternative Party - in whatever format it takes place.

Please provide feedback

The Party High Command has accepted the feedback form, and asks that all party visitors fill in the feedback form.

Interview with Mr. Enigma, Dr. James Grime

Official and unofficial photos

The Party place is full of cameras, watching your every move. Here's part of them, taken by our organizing team and all of you. If you want your pictures included, just upload them to Flickr and tag them with altparty.

Live from the Party

Follow up the live streams from Bambuser. Also, listen to what's happening in red Cable Factory: RadioOn is streaming and SceneSat is here also.

Maikkari visited Alternative Party

Maikkari, one of the major news corporations in Finland made Alternative Party a headline in their main news program. You can watch the show via Katsomo, an online service (in Finnish only).

In practice, this means Alternative Party was mentioned in a show having over half million viewers. That's a big number, as there's only 5 million Finns.


It is 11pm and people are still queueing! Why to spend your time in home when you can queue at the party?

Interview with Joakim Montelius from Covenant

Covenant - the electronic music pioneer from Sweden - will play in Helsinki on Friday 21st of October, on the main stage of the Alternative Party 2011. Read the interview with Joakim Montelius from Covenant about the upcoming concert and the art of Covenant.

The era of capitalists has begun

In the communistic red machine world of Alternative Party 2011 the inflation on ticket prices started early today when the famous five year plan of cheap advance tickets ended. The official ticket office of Alternative Party officially estimates, that the official Alternative Party 2011 ticket prices will rise daily. Of course, this is not a problem for capitalists like you, but if you anyway want to save some hard earned We$stern currency (or if you forgot to buy your cheap socialistic ticket before), buy your tickets now!

Cheap advance ticket sales end on Sunday 16th October


Buy your tickets now and fill your free ticket application for your comrade now! 
Both campaigns end this week, on Sunday 16th October.

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