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Demoscene Documentary's teaser is published

2010-07-04 15:31

The teaser for the Demoscene Documentary produced by YLE together with demoscene is out. Go to see it at Demoscene Documentary site.

This documentary is partly a social project as the production group wants it to be a production of collective work. The project goal is to draw the frames of the Finnish Demoscene subculture from the early 90's to all the way up to 2010. Producton was started at Alternative Party 2009 with open workshop to write the sketch for the script and to brainstorm the content. There are still possibilities to contribute and to affect to the final result during the project and perhaps even after that, as some of the ideas the production group have, are as wild as to give the material out for anyone and everyone to remake and modify.

This is certainly a collective production and perhaps even a documentary 2.0

Join and read more at and come to ASM seminars to hear about the documentary. (More details about the seminar coming soon)

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