Party information

Welcome to Alternative Party, a digital culture festival and demoparty with alternative ideas and full programme with demo compos, music, special guests and exhibitions.

Participate now: Join us at #altparty @ IRCnet or follow us on Twitter and send tweets with #altparty hastag.


Tallberginkatu 1 C 15, 00180 Helsinki

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Time and services:



General rules

  • All entries must be submitted via our intranet - where applicable.
  • Only the holders of a weekend ticket have access to the intranet - where voting and submitting are done.
  • Use descriptive filenames.
  • At least one of the authors of the entry must be present at the party.
  • There may be pre-screenings during the party. Entries can be disqualified because of their content or, for example, because there is no machine the entry can run on. The organisers have real ultimate right to decide.
  • Any machine running a competition entry in the competition may not be connected to the Internet. The entries may contain net-using features but they must work without the net, too.
  • Please note that all competing entries may (and will) be distributed right after they have been presented. By submitting a contribution you give us and others permission to spread your entry in the best demoscene manner.
  • Alternative Party has the right to use the contributions in its future marketing, events and media productions whether commercial or non-commercial. Alternative Party has the right to use the entries or parts thereof modified or unmodified and to sublicense other entities to produce any such productions. The contributor waives the right to have any compensation from any such use.
  • As a general rule, the entry should be completely your own creation. If you use someone else's work as part of e.g. a demo, it must be either public domain or you should have a written permission packaged with the entry.
  • All entries must adhere to the Finnish law.
  • The resolution of the video projector is to be announced.

Realtime Graphics Contest

In the best demoscene traditions, we will have a realtime graphics competition. But, for an extra challenge, computers are not allowed in this contest!

  • Natural media, no computers used. Organizers will provide canvas. Size will be published at party.
  • Entries must be made at the party
  • Entries will be photographed for showing by the competition crew (and, if possible, hung on a wall).

The Most Obscure Computer Contest

The owner of the most rare, obscure or otherwise special computer or other machine will be awarded by the jury

  • Organisers will wander around the party looking for suitable machines. If you feel that your computer would be worth this award, please contact the organisers.