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The Most Original Entry

2010-08-09 10:42 by Suvi Alanko (4 comments)

The Most Original Entry has been awarded again this year at Assembly by Alternative Party ry. The winner was Satori for the entry Koiban (Koiban at YouTube).

This was the 8th time it was given out and the selected entries vary a lot for different years. The diploma could go to any published compo entry, but it is probably more challenging to do something totally original to music compo than to demos or film for example. Also, as there is a jury at Assembly, some of the most original entries won't probably always end up to the big screen.


The Most Original Entry diplomas trough history:

2002 Halcyon: Chimera (demo)

2003 Fit & Bandwagon: Yellow Rose of Texas (4k)

2004 tAAt: Sormiväritelkkari - Finger Color Television (short film)

2005 FLO: Bribing You With Oil (64k)

2006 not given out. (unofficial rumor tells Tekotuotanto: Wild Food, short film would probably have got it)

2007 TVT: Youscope (short film)

2008 1/2-bit Cheese: Field Trip (short film)

2009 United Force & Digital Dynamite: The Golden Path (demo)

2010 Satori: Koiban (demo)

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Comment by Jack William | 2010-08-09

Amazing entries! Thank you Assembly!

Comment by harri | 2010-08-09

I would say thank you Altparty! It's not Assembly who awards these entries.

Comment by beeta | 2010-08-09

Then again, it could also be thank you scene as there are so many great entries to pick from. Personally have to admit I like this Koiban a lot: great song and the whole demo flows nicely from the beginning to the end.

Comment by Kristoffer Lawson | 2010-08-09

Indeed, the track in Koiban was fantastic. Plus the intricate details and sync, and the innovative rendering technique (software rendering). These all came together to create a demo which definitely stuck in my mind, and the kind of stuff I'd love to see at the Alt Party.

Satori, hope you can make it!