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Demoscene Documentary

2010-07-27 19:33 by Altparty Admin (1 comments)

By Riot

About the project

The Demoscene documentary series is going to be presented in it’s entirety at the Alt.Party event in October. The outline and plan for what the demoscene documentary series should contain were discussed in an workshop organized by the Finnish broadcasting company YLE and Alternative Party at the Altparty event in 2009.

Based on the discussion and decisions made at this workshop which was attended by many well known Finnish sceners, a rough outline was created as to which demos and persons should be featured in the documentary. The series focuses mainly on Finnish demos, sceners and groups.

Work in progress

Thomas has been working to make the material as a demoscene documentary series with seven episodes of 10 minutes.


Thomas describes: getting it all together

Based on the workshop discussions, a seven episode arc was mapped out which would contain most of the discussed demos, era and people. Along the way, the content has transformed in various and still is as we try to figure out how we can involve more of the community into the making of the series.

The episodes will roughly be 10 minutes long each.

Several of the episodes will have unique intro’s based on the era that the demos in the episode are from.

Please contact (Arttu Silvast at) demoscene.doc (at) if you are interested in contributing.

During July we interviewed over a dozen people in Helsinki for the documentary series including members of the Future Crew, Crankshaft (CNCD), Hoplite (Orange), Visy and Jugi (Komplex).

Right now, we are working on the Future Crew episode which has turned into a two part episode, which will be presented at the Assembly 2010 demoparty on Thursday 5th August right after the opening seremony at 18.30.

Future Crew
We are working on the rest of the episodes throughout the fall and we will talk about the work at Assembly 2010 at a seminar dedicated to the documentary series. If you want to be involved in the series, please attend the seminar where we’ll shed more light on the whole documentary, it’s origins and status.


The rough outline for the episodes is as follows:

  • The early years
    Demos: Mental Hangover by Scoopex, Hardwired by Silents and Crionics
    The first batch of more serious demos, the Amiga influence and moving from the
    Commodore 64 to the Amiga.
  • Two-part episode
    Future Crew & Second Reality
    Future Crew reunion. The group members talk about the history of the group and the
    making of Second Reality.
  • Demos: Dope by Complex / Sumea by Virtual Dreams / ZIF by Parallax
    Phong. 3D scenes take over.
  • Orange & CNCD
    Demos: X14 and Megablast by Orange, Inside and Deep Psilocybin Mix by CNCD
    Style and innovation. We discuss the unique and differing styles of Orange and CNCD.
  • Lifeforce by Andromeda Software Development / Stargazer by Orb and Andromeda / Debris by Farbrausch
    The 2000 era. Different techniques and styles.
  • Demomusic
    Well-known scene composers discuss their work and what makes a great demotune.

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Comment by VAERNA | 2010-07-28

Looking forward to seeing this! *pokes Skaven*