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Context aware demos - the final frontier?

2010-08-28 20:15 by Matti Nelimarkka (0 comments)

This year Alternative Party is happy to announce the Qt competition, with cash and devices prices courtesy of Nokia. The winner leaves the party with 1200 euros and a new N8.

The area of the compo is Qt Mobility, the Qt toolkit that allows access to content and context of the mobile phone. They key question thus is, what can you come up with it: how will demos become interactive by using physical location of the device? Can you abuse the contact list somehow to make things cooler than ever? And remember, you can read and send SMS messages too!

This leads us to my favorite topic, context aware computing. Context awareness was a hot topic when I was young. In practice at that time it was mostly location, but now I've broaden my view to different kind of social contexts too.

As I see, that mobile phone is just really intimate computer, with all kind of capabilities in both physical and social contexts. What this kind of change means for demos? Set your mind free, bring back the real demo art.

The target is Nokia N900, and we recommend trying out Nokia Qt SDK to make the warp jump as pleasant as possible.

For details and rules, see the Competitions-page.

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