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Welcome to Alternative Party, a digital culture festival and demoparty with alternative ideas and full programme with demo compos, music, special guests and exhibitions.

Participate now: Join us at #altparty @ IRCnet or follow us on Twitter and send tweets with #altparty hastag.


Tallberginkatu 1 C 15, 00180 Helsinki

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Got bored of conferences? Try something new like unconference! The idea is that you can participate your self as a host of what ever you feel like discussing. As all the experienced Alternative Party visitors know, there are a lot of ways to participate to the party (it's actually all about you and your stake at competitions, exhibition, workshops etc.) but we constantly develop new ways to participate and build up the social, 2.0 kind of event. This is one of those things.
At Alternative Party 2010 we are once again making history: For the first time ever in the history of demos we want sceners to make demoart for kids.
Alternative Party Association got a great pleasure to introduce demoscene in Finnish Parliament at Finnish Internet Forum 2010. We definately wanted to show a Finnish demo and something that could represent this whole form of media art to shomeone who have never before heard about the whole thing - after a discussion and lot of great ideas Setok and Visy descided to show "1995" by Kewlers and MFX at the event.
It's amazing how little we know about space.
This year Alternative Party is happy to announce the Qt competition, with cash and devices prices courtesy of Nokia. The winner leaves the party with 1200 euros and a new N8.
The Alternative Party is now officially 64 bit compatible!
The winner of The Most Original Entry at Assembly 2010, selected by ALT was offered to Satori for Koiban. Who else have gotten the diploma trough years? The complete list is here.
Thomas Puha describes the current situation of Demoscene Documentary made by the YLE and the members of the demoscene. Read what's going on and what kind of episodes are coming up.