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Check out a cool party reportage

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.

Competition rules

General rules

  • All entries must be submitted via our intranet - where applicable.
  • Only the holders of a weekend ticket have access to the intranet - where voting and submitting are done.
  • Use descriptive filenames.
  • At least one of the authors of the entry must be present at the party.
  • There may be pre-screenings during the party. Entries can be disqualified because of their content or, for example, because there is no machine the entry can run on. The organisers have real ultimate right to decide.
  • Any machine running a competition entry in the competition may not be connected to the Internet. The entries may contain net-using features but they must work without the net, too.
  • Please note that all competing entries may (and will) be distributed right after they have been presented. By submitting a contribution you give us and others permission to spread your entry in the best demoscene manner.
  • Alternative Party has the right to use the contributions in its future marketing, events and media productions whether commercial or non-commercial. Alternative Party has the right to use the entries or parts thereof modified or unmodified and to sublicense other entities to produce any such productions. The contributor waives the right to have any compensation from any such use.
  • As a general rule, the entry should be completely your own creation. If you use someone else's work as part of e.g. a demo, it must be either public domain or you should have a written permission packaged with the entry.
  • All entries must adhere to the Finnish law.
  • The resolution of the video projector is 1024x768.

Alternative Demo Competition

You know what a demo is, right? If not, see Wikipedia's description. A demo must be an executable computer program showing visuals of some sort.

  • Demos and intros of all sizes, whatever the platform, compete in the same competition.
  • We will publish the platform your demo runs on the big screen, also the size of the demo will be shown.
  • The purpose of this competition is to bring out new ideas in demos, whatever the platform and method. A field for creativity.
  • Maximum length is 8 minutes, or until we get bored.

Check the competition prizes.

2009/tl_files/partner-logos/ Grand Prix

The winner of Alternative Party Demo Competition will automatically participate into one of competition category finals in the Live 2011 Grand Prix Digital Media Art Challenge with the total sum of prizes exceeding 140 000 euros. See also (sorry, Finnish only)

Dynamic demos

As a special challenge, there is a separate series for dynamic demos, e.g. demos that are different every time they are run. The demos in this category also compete in the main demo competition!

  • These rules complement the rules in the Alternative Demo Competition.
  • The demo must be noticeably different every time it is run. It can use randomization or evolution or any other technique to accomplish this. Your mind is the limit.
  • Untraditionally for demos, dynamic demos may write to the disk for the purpose of evolution and they may use the network if it is available (in the competition machine there will probably be a network connection). The demo must still run without the network, too.

Check the competition prizes.

YLE Material Challenge

2009/tl_files/partner-logos/yle_logo-100px.pngThe Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE has a unique collection of audiovisual content starting from early 20th Century and ending with the constantly updated daily broadcasts on their several television and radio channels and their website - which is one of Finland's most visited websites.

Alternative Party proudly presents the YLE Material Challenge competition. Please use your demoscene skills to use YLE's material and create whatever you think would be cool!

Check the competition prizes.

Instructions and rules

  • Participant to this competition are encouraged to use any material from the following material collections:
  • The use of the material may be used in following competitions:
    • Dynamic Demo Competition - recommended!
    • Alternative Demo Competition
    • Supercomputer Competition
    • Themed Video Competition
    • Wildest Wild Competition
    • Nuskool Music Competition
    • Oldskool Music Competition
    • Retro Graphics Competition
    • 3D-Theater Competition
  • The winner of the competition is selected by a jury consisting of representatives selected by both YLE and Alternative Party. The jury will emphasise works that fit one or several of following criterias:
    1. A new way to use YLE's content,
    2. Technical and artistic creativity,
    3. Dynamic (output changes if the source content is changed),
    4. Readiness for daily use (e.g., as a screensaver or as a multimedia installation).
  • You can modify or use the material as it is. Be creative!
  • The most amazing entries may be shown on YLE's TV or Radio channels or on their website - if YLE so chooses to do.

Practical details:

  • Inform the organizers about the feed material usage while submitting the entry and clearly specify where and how you used the material.
  • The jury will select the best work and award a prize of 1500 euros. The jury has the right to split the award or to cancel the award if there are several works that have equal merits or if there are none. The jury's decision is final and can not be complained about.
  • Content rights: YLE owns all rights to all their material given for this competition. The competition participants have the rights to use and to modify the material anyway they like in their competition entries.
  • The contributor to the Material Challenge competition grants YLE and Alternative Party ry a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, broadcast and distribute the contribution.
  • YLE grants the contributor to the Material Challenge and Alternative Party ry, for any non-commercial purpose a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, publicly display, broadcast and distribute the contribution.
  • Notwithstanding the above, the contributor to the Material Challenge retains all rights to the contribution excluding any material received from YLE.

Supercomputer Competition

2009/tl_files/partner-logos/CSC_logo-150px.pngAltparty and CSC — IT Center for Science Ltd. in collaboration with Cray Inc. are proud to announce the Alternative Party Supercomputer Competition! Participants have an opportunity to show their parallel programming and visualisation skills on state of the art Cray CX1 supercomputer hardware.

Instructions and rules

Create a cool demo taking advantage of the amazing processing power (CPUs and/or GPUs) and other special features of the Cray!

  • The entry should be an executable program producing some kind of output (text, sound, still graphics, video etc.).
  • Parallel programming is supported with OpenMP and MPI 2.
  • Supported programming languages: C, C++, Java, Fortran 90, OpenGL.
  • At least the GCC 4.1 compiler will be available, possibly others. You can also suggest another language and we will try to install the compiler and necessary libraries.
  • You might want to explore automatically parallelizing languages such as Co-Array Fortran (CAF), Unified Parallel C (UPC), Chapel, X10 and Fortress.
  • The demo can optionally use live data from the Internet or datasets downloaded in advance, e.g. from Linked Open Data, UCSC Genome browser or (you can use any kind of dataset from any source as long as copyrights are respected)
  • The demo may use two screens (using the dual head graphics card) but it should also work with just one screen. The demo will be shown on the big screen with only one video projector.
  • If the demo is different every time it is run, it will also participate in the Dynamic Demo Competition.

Send email to Arto Teräs (arto.teras at to get an account on the Cray to test your code! Please test it already before that on your own Linux-based (preferably dual or multi core) computer — then the code should work on the Cray with minimal modifications.

Technical specifications

The Cray CX1 system used as the competition machine features:

  • Six CPU nodes with a total of 12 quad core Intel Xeon E5472 3.0 GHz CPUs and 192 GB RAM
  • One Graphic node with 2 quad core Intel Xeon E5472 3.0 GHz CPUs, 32 GB RAM and a Nvidia FX5600 Quadro graphics card with 1.5 GB video memory
  • Infiniband network between all nodes
  • CentOS Linux 5.3 with Clustercorp Rocks+ software environment
    • gcc 4.1, glibc 2.5, java 1.6

More information about the system is available on the Cray website.


The prize for the winner will be a hacker-friendly compact file server based on open source software. All participants will have an opportunity to participate on a special tour to see the most powerful computer in Finland, a Cray XT4/XT5 system called Louhi at CSC.

More information

  • Olli-Pekka Lehto, olli-pekka.lehto at
  • Arto Teräs, arto.teras at


3D-Theater Compo

Rules in progress. Might change.

Still remember those cool anaglyphic 3D-demos? This time you can top up! We are going to build you a 50-person movie theater featuring 3D-goodness via polarization magic. The way big boys do it.

In tech speak, this works just like anaglyphic way, but you don't have to filter your beautiful colors away.

  • You can submit videos (left and right eye-view) or executable (dual-screen) without size limit.
  • Time limit somewhere between boredom and infinity.
  • If you want, you can submit this entry in any other competition, too, if it meets restrictions of specified competition.
  • You can submit entries, that have been published earlier.
  • Maximum resolution: FullHD.

Check the competition prizes.

Themed video competition

This is a somewhat traditional short film / video competition, with a mandatory theme. The required theme is Alternative future.

  • The entry should be a MPEG1, MPEG2 or MPEG4 video.
  • The video can be uploaded via intranet or submitted on a CD/DVD.
  • You can use public domain archive material as part of your work. If you use non-PD material, be prepared to prove that you have the right to use it.
  • Recommended maximum length is 6 minutes and you must notify if the video goes over it.

Check the competition prizes.

Wildest Wild Competition

You can entry with (almost) anything your heart desires - presentation time ~10min, presented compo-primetime!

  • Your entry can be a live performance, some music, visuals, or combination of these.
  • If your entry contains a live performance, you must tell us about it before the party! Contact

Check the competition prizes.

Nuskool Music Competition

High-tech, modern beats and melodies with superb sound quality! Draw immense soundscapes and please the ears of all trendy scene-followers at the party!

  • Maximum length 5 minutes.
  • Allowed file formats: OGG, MP3, FLAC (WinAmp used for playback)
  • Please, decent quality. Between 192-320 kpbs is good.

Check the competition prizes.

Oldskool Music Competition

The music competition for true sceners with technical skills to abuse old hardware!

  • Allowed sound hardware: 8-bit computers (C64, MSX, Atari, Vic-20), self-made hardware, 8-bit Soundblaster
  • No pure sample files
  • Maximum length 5 minutes.
  • If possible, real machine used. File formats: OGG / MP3 / FLAC (WinAmp used for playback), IT / S3M / XM / MOD (ModPlug Tracker used)
  • Please, decent quality.

Check the competition prizes.

Realtime Graphics Competition

In the best demoscene traditions, we will have a realtime graphics competition. But, for an extra challenge, computers are not allowed in this contest!

  • Natural media, no computers used.
  • Entries must be wholly made at the party.
  • Entries will be photographed for showing by the competition crew (and, if possible, hung on a wall).

Check the competition prizes.

Retro Graphics Competition

Remember the Amiga days, when you only had a resolution of 320x200, with a maximum of 32 colours to use? Well, those days are here again!

  • File format has to be PNG (sorry, no IFF).
  • Resolution must be 320x200 with 32 colors.
  • At least three intermediate stages of the picture must be provided, and these files submitted together as a ZIP archive.

Check the competition prizes.

The Most Obscure Computer Competition

  • The owner of the most rare, obscure or otherwise special computer or other machine will be awarded by the jury.
  • Organisers will wander around the party looking for suitable machines. If you feel that your computer would be worth this award, please contact the organisers.

Check the competition prizes.

Cyberpunk Costume Contest

Dress up as a true cyberpunker, a strange scientist or cyborg from a future or as your worst dystopian nightmare.

  • Dress up to the them of the event.
  • Enroll for the contest at infodesk before Saturday at 12.
  • Photographs for voting will be taken on Saturday at 13.
  • One outfit per competitor.
  • Competitor must be present at party ;-)

Check the competition prizes.

Striptease Contest

2009/tl_files/partner-logos/bemine150x100.pngExperience the cyberpunk underworld: It's our chance to DARE you! Do you dare to climb up the stage and undress in front of people?

  • Enroll for the contest at Nebula Club up to 30 minutes before, and no later than 5 minutes, before the contest begins.
  • Select your song.
  • Strip.
  • Underwear stays on.
  • The jury will select the winner.

Check the competition prizes.

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