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Check out a cool party reportage

Alternative Party 2009 reportage by "zuulkuul" at YouTube. Thanks for sharing this! You can still add your pictures to our web 2.0 page.

Compo results at Pouet

Here are the results for all of the compos. Great amount of entries with a lot of variety this year. Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you for great event

This years event is now over. Alternative Party wants to thank all the visitors, speakers, artists, sceners, exhibitors, sponsors, partners and ALL of you for a warm and lovely event we got.

Jumalauta's Alt Party 2009 invitation demo

2009-08-10 16:58 by Altparty Admin (1 comments)

Alternative Party 2009 invitation demo by Jumalauta was released at the Evoke 2009 demoparty held in Cologne/Germany 31.7-2.8. The demo runs on the good old Nintendo Game Boy handheld console and it took part in the Alternative Platforms competition.

Working on the demo was started a bit over a week before Evoke. It had been 3 years since I last time touched Z80 assembly so understanding my old Game Boy framework again wasn't as easy as I thought. After playing with the code for a while I was able to write the new effects for this demo. We used again the amazing Carillon player by Heatbeat for the music. As always we were running out of time and in the end the demo was finished just 4 hours before I was supposed to wake up and leave to the Helsinki-vantaa airport.

During the party we had some problems making a video recording of it for the competition, but luckily the friendly organizers agreed to run it in emulator for best quality presentation. The demo was very well received and it won the 1st place!

Pouet link:

Live footage from the compo:

-maitotuote / jML!

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Comment by beeta | 2009-08-10
congratulations for winning demo ^^
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