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This is the preliminary schedule and as always, changes may occur. In addition to the programme and demoshows listed here, we have several demo DVD's and other material to be shown on the big screen so you will be under influence of demos all the time!

If you feel bored waiting for a compo to start, why don't you go and buy the official party t-shirt from the info desk? :-)

Friday 2nd November

15:00Doors open
Alternative Party 2007 starts!
17:00Demoshow "The Best of ISO"
The classic psychedelic ISO demos played from their collection DVD
19:00Demoshow "Worst Demos Ever"
You may not want to remember... but we do.
20:00Opening ceremony
Introducing the party and our special guest.
20:15Live music: David Hasselhoff Big Band feat. Al Lowe
Game and demo tunes with interesting arrangements, with VJ Markus Pasula.
21:00Grilling outside
The grill is hot, bring your sausages!
21:00Demoshow "Demos With Balls"
Ever miss the old times when demos had more balls?
21:00Deadline for ReBirth music competition
Submit your ReBirth entry before this time.
22:00ReBirth music competition
Acid, techno, you name it, you vote for it.
22:00Deadline for signing up to Oldschool karaoke competition
Sign up for the competition at the Infodesk before this time.
23:00Oldschool karaoke competition
This is your chance to shine as the brightest star of the oldskool sky! Performances boosted by VJ Markus Pasula.
23:00Voting opens
You can vote in all competitions using the code you received at the door.
00:00Live music: Lackluster
Instant atmosphere - just add Lackluster.VJ's Jugi Kaartinen & Markus Pasula.

Saturday 3rd November

13:00Deadline for all competitions
You have to submit all your competition entries before this time.
13:00Revolution Workshop
Releasing the full potential of citizens: using social media technologies to create smarter policies. (website)
15:00Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura
Visit their table for interactive presentations of experimental electronics and accompanying sounds.
16:00Esoteric programming competition
Do what you want but do it with an esoteric programming language.
17:00Obscure music competition
The theme of this music competition can be interpreted quite widely, but is it music?
18:00Grilling outside
Grill is hot again for some heavy sausage burning
19:00Propaganda graphics competition
Themed graphics competition - the style is free, but it must be propaganda.
20:00Al Lowe's Special guest session
The man himself tells about his past and present projects and answers questions about everything.
20:50Larry look-alike contest
Imagine you are a character in Larry 4: Missing Floppies. Or some other character in some other Larry game. Contest narrated by Al Lowe!
21:00Mockumentary competition
The competition for non-true video documentaries. True lies.
22:30Grumpy Old Men
We hate computers.
23:00Dynamic demo competition
Dynamic demos are demos that are different each time they are run.
 Alternative demo competition
In this demo competition, all computer platforms compete against each other.
01:00Live music: Takomo
After the competitions it is time to dance - or at least feel the beat. Visuals by VJ's Pommak & Droid from MFX!
02:00Live music: DJ Jindi
Finally at Alternative Party - Jindi brings you some dancable music. Visuals by VJ's Pommak & Droid from MFX!

Sunday 4th November

12:00Voting closes
Remember to cast your vote before this deadline!
13:00Demo show
While organizers are busy sorting out prizes, all others can relax by watching cool demos.
14:00Prize ceremony
The winners are awarded and closing words are said.
16:00Doors close
All visitors are thrown out of the party place!