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The Alternative Party is not only about computers. We have some live music, invited superstars and other performances for you to enjoy.

David Hasselhoff Big Band feat. Al Lowe

A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a band which does not exist. Demo and game tunes with creative arrangements performed by demoscene veterans - featuring Al Lowe with saxophone!
Lackluster (SLSK Records)

Experimental ambient and smoggy beats created by Esa Ruoho. Lackluster brings his homegrown soundscapes to fill the hall with an uncompromising live performance. His albums have been released by many different labels and his music truly creates an atmosphere.
Takomo (Viral Recordings)

Two guys with beats to play. With a demoscene background, Takomo's music has been released on several labels and they have played live at many parties, bringing the space alive with their peculiar psytrance/breakbeat sound. They will play a DJ set filled with their own material.
Kokeellisen elektroniikan seura

The Association of Experimental Electronics, as they are called in English, is a group of six men who believe that electronic garbage has also other uses than recycling. Well, their stuff is recycling - they experiment with it, create sound and anything you would not expect.
DJ Jindi

DJ Jindi has been mixing since 1994 and he really seems to dig Hardfloor. His set will consist of dancable electronic rhythms - you could call it trance or techno.
VJ's Kaartinen, Pasula & Pommak

Jugi Kaartinen & Markus Pasula have performed live visuals at most major electronic music festivals in Finland since early 2000's. Pommak, a star demo programmer from MFX has been moving more towards live visuals lately. They have developed their own VJ'ing software called Vemputing that takes advantage of modern 3D acceleration and sound analysis.