Invitation by wAMMA

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The Finnish demo group wAMMA has made an invitation called Kojiki for Alternative Party 2007. The platform is classic Nintendo Entertainment System, known for its excellent games but not so much for demos. wAMMA and other groups have, however, produced very nice results on that platform. This invitation won the demo competition at Boozembly 2007 in July 2007.

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You can view the demo using some NES emulator, for example FCEU, Nestopia or Nintendulator. The production was made for a normal European (PAL) NES, using the Color Dreams memory mapper.

Download - you can run this on a real NES, too!

Watch a video of the invitation at YouTube

Download XviD video


The invitation was produced with the help of several applications, including N.O.S.F.E. (Nametable Obfuscator System, Famicom Edition), coded by Ilmarque.

wAMMA oldskool section

Visy describes the group's oldskool section:

wAMMA oldskool section is, as the name implies, the oldskool section of the demogroup wAMMA. We are mainly interested in older platforms, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the Atari 2600 (aka. Atari VCS) and similar machines. While our productions are mainly for 8-bit platforms, other game consoles and home computers may serve us as production platforms in the future. As of now, we seem to be the only active NES and Atari 2600 demogroup.

Hopefully, in the near future, this will change. Our mission is to activate people in the same way they have inspired us. Personally for us, this is a way of exploring a digital artform in our own terms. We have no commercial goals, nor do we want to make any real profit out of this. Experimentation with new techniques and methods is the key point in our work. We like challenges.