Alternative Stork Party 2004

The story

People around DiamonDie's laptop for some reason

No one remembers why there was no AltStork in 2003, especially after the big success of the first AltStork. In 2004, Alternative Stork Party 2004 was held on 12-14 July 2004. The party was a success &mdash lots of sausages were grilled and the sauna was in good use. This year the competitions had more entries presented with a computer than in 2002.

ISO had its own competition as one entry in the moving visual competition. The result was on the par with ISO's entry at the first AltStork. At least it was messy.

This party, too, was a success. Maybe it was more relaxed than the first one — and if you ask Setok, that's good.

Die Rebels performing in the sound competition in colourful lighting