Alternative Stork Party 2002

The sauna and the odd computer

People watching demos on iMac

After the success of the third Alternative Party and getting a lot of new friends, we felt it was time for a relaxed summer event with a sauna — and computers. Kristoffer "Setok" Lawson had held birthday parties called "Stork" before and because this event was to be around his birthday, it was named after his traditional birthday parties.

No I Ain't performing live

Alternative Stork Party 2002 was held at the OK20 sauna in Espoo, on 5-7 July 2002. We had more than 60 visitors and a lot to see to do. At the same time, there was a demo recording event going on at OUBS studio so Setok was quite occupied there.

We had three competitions. In the moving visual competition you could participate with anything that moves, for example a computer demo, dance number or a theatre performance. In inanimate visual anything that didn't move was accepted. The sound competition was for music, live or tracked. We had many bands and artists performing in the competition, including Bass Cadet and No I Ain't. Agnosia's electropunk performance left many speechless. Also ISO's "cleaning demonstration" will never be forgotten. Period.

Many visitors said that they regard this party as one of the best ever.


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