AltZone @ La-Bás

La-Bás Festival was held on 14th-15th February 2003. We had our own room called AltZone there. This was the official announcement by Setok:

Next weekend (Fr-Sa) the La Bas Festival will be at Taidehalli, Helsinki and the Alternative Party will be taking part with its own AltZone. We have a room booked for ourselves, where we'll be presenting demos and the demoscene as well as the Alternative Party; of course we'll be having fun at the same time.

In the real scene tradition we will naturally be arranging a way to compete. This time it will simply be called "El Compo". You can compete during Saturday with anything you want -- be it a demo, graphics, music or something completely different. At the end we will announce the best-of-show. A video projector will be available and some machines (it's not known which machines will be there atm -- you can take your own).

Naturally, in true Alt spirit, the forum is free: new ideas are bound to pop up during the two days.

Please feel free to take part.

We were there and showed Amiga and PC demos to sceners and non-sceners. We also sold some T-shirts.

AltZone at La-Bás reports at AltWiki

El Compo Results

  1. Jumalauta vs. Matt Current: Test3D (GBA)
  2. Nosfe & PPP: IK+ live
  3. DiamonDie: Pinkkihiuxinen tytskä (ANSI)
  4. ISO: Pysäkki (MS-DOS)
  5. MegaMies: Snive Music (Vtech Talking Whiz - Kid Genius)
  6. Diamondienpikkusisko: Dinosaurus (drawing)
  7. Anne (wild)
  8. Sleber Eid: Demo in Two Hours (Linux)
  9. Jaffa: Ringtone
  10. uBBu (Amiga 500)