The Alternative Zone

We have also taken part at Assembly, the biggest computer party in the world. We organised a 'protest' at Assembly '2k, promoting the alternative scene against the mainstream and Quake-playing. In 2001, 2002 and 2003, 2004 and 2005 we organised an "Alternative Zone" with our own, alternative compos and were even interviewed by AssemblyTV. We have also we made our own program ("AltTV") for AssemblyTV.

Assembly '07

Promotion of Alternative Party 2007!

Assembly '06

We were there but did not do much. AltTV was, however, still online.

Assembly '05

We got our competition ideas from YLE's quiz (with Assembly tickets as prizes). We listed all the wrong answers from the quiz and organised competitions based on them! So, we had strange but fun competitions this year, including DVD burning (at the Boozembly hills)!.

Assembly '04

We drew a lot of attention by oranising a portrait drawing competition. The model for the portrait was the main guy of Assembly, Jussi "Abyss" Laakkonen. We advertised Alternative Party 2005 and this time tAAt got our award for the most original entry.

Assembly '03

We contributed again with our competitions - colouring for example. We advertised Alternative Party 2004 and also gave an award for the most original entry.

Assembly '02

Participating in the live music competition with violins

Again we got a lot of publicity with our AltZone. We organised many competitions and advertised Alternative Party 2003 One of the competitions we organised was an ASCII graphics competition - using pen and paper.

Assembly '01

We had our own "booth" in the oldskool area, organised competitions and promoted our forthcoming party, Alternative Party 2002.

Assembly '2k

Before the intro competition we organised a demonstration in front of Assembly's infodesk. Lots of people joined us in the fight against the mainstream! We got a good load of publicity and AssemblyTV made a story about us.