The [ALT] Magazine


The first issue (0x0000) of the 76-page A5-sized [ALT] magazine was released in August 2003 at Assembly '03. It covers everything from matters of the demoscene to commentary to poetry. 200 copies were printed, of which about 150 were distributed at Assembly. The demand was even greater than we expected. This issue is sold out.

The second issue (0x0001) was released at Alternative Party V. Get your own copy while there are still some left! The price for one copy is 2 € (plus postage).

The next issue (0x0002) is to be released in the future. Start writing!

For more information, contact Setok or Ravel.

[ALT] 0x0000 Contents

DTP: Mikko "Ravel" Tuomela (thanks to Marquee)
Cover: Kristoffer Lawson with patterns by Maripilvi
Thanks to Fishpool Creations