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Be cool. Be Alternative. You can be two things at the same time! With these t-shirts, you can express your alternativity to the world. You can also give people hints that you have attended an Alternative Party in the past - that is sure to raise some eyebrows and turn heads.


[ALT] is a magazine published by Alternative Party ry. It contains articles about the demoscene, art, computers and other interesting subjects and from its pages you can also find poetry, drawings - you name it. So far two issues have been published.


As of 2004, viruses (or virii, as Latin experts might correct) have spread everywhere. When firewalls are not enough, you need an Alt condom. It is sure to protect you from unwanted DNA and RNA code that could harm your processes.


We are always exploring new directions in our product line. Every now and then we might offer something special - like name tags, for example. Be sure to be around when we do!

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