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General Information

Initial Public Offering - Prospectus

In case anyone is wondering, the Alternative Party is a computer party, a demo party, with a difference. We take pride in doing things our own way, experimenting with new ideas, finding the creativity which the demoscene is full of, combining genres and ideas and forms of art into an almost chaotic collection of experimentation, computers, performances and a need to be different.

Perhaps, somewhere along the path, we can be a platform for change. A place for new concepts. A small revolution, asking questions never asked. We believe we are making an important contribution to the world of art and advancing the demoscene in ways which avoid stagnation.

The Alternative Party has grown and changed continuously over the years. It's difficult to predict its direction. It is like a living being.

Not only that, but our organisation continuously promotes the demoscene to art circles and events. This is something we would like to do much more of and we are always looking out for new contacts and people who could help us in this.

All in all, it has not been an easy journey. We have seen tough times. Yet we are still Finland's second largest demo party. Quite a feat for an event with such a reputaton for being eccentric. We hope you will enjoy the people visiting and experience something truly unique.

The event is organised by Alternative Party ry, a non-profit organisation.

— Kristoffer Lawson (Setok / Aggression | Sleber Eid)

The Facts

What: A new kind of computer party.
When: 14th–16th January 2004.
Where: Kulttuuriareena Gloria, Helsinki, Finland.
How much: 20/25 €. Ticket info

More Information


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For more information about the party, contact Setok or visit the Contact page.

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