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Our main community focus -- The Alt Wiki

You should try the AltWiki -- a free area for thoughts, ideas and information about anythying that defines us as a community. An area with information on scenes, music, events etc. etc. Plus, anybody can modify the content. Your scene isn't represented well enough? Add more information yourself!


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The first issue (0x0000) of the [ALT] magazine was released in August 2003.

Mailing lists

You can also join to the Alternative Party's mailing list. There are two lists:

altparty           (Discussion and announcements) or
altparty-announce  (Announcements only)

Note that all announcements will be posted to the altparty list as well. There is no need to join both mailing lists!

To join, mail Fishpool's majordomo service, majordomo@fishpool.com, with

subscribe <listname> [email]

in the body, where <listname> is either altparty or altparty-announce. You can use the optional email argument to specify your address if it is not the same as the 'from' address.

To unsubscribe, sent the following to the majordomo address:

unsubscribe <listname> [email]

Join Alternative Party ry

You can also join Alternative Party ry, the non-profit organisation behind the parties. The membership fee is currently 4 € per year. As a member, you will get a cool membership card, a your_handle@altparty.org email address and an access to member-only activities organised by us.

To join, send your full real name, address, handle/group and email address to Ravel and transfer the 4 € to the bank account 137835-44561 (Tuomas Toivonen, Nordea) with the message "ALT-MEMBERSHIP". You will get a notification when your membership has been confirmed.


On IRCnet you can join #altparty for discussion and general chat about Alternative Party.

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